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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Margaux's Journal...

From her teacher: "Margaux has always been very excited when coming to class. She skips into the classroom with a big smile on her face and immediately goes to her friends. She is also very enthusiastic every time we introduce something new to her.

Last week, we started a our new theme: I love my family and friends. Margaux continues to tell stories about how she takes care of baby Bianca and how she shows her love to her family and friends. She has become very confident with speaking in class, and now even says "Good morning, Teacher Kara." Margaux was very eager to try out our different Valentine's activities. We made valentine cards, heart wand and put together broken heart puzzles. She made a card for her family and even drew baby Bianca and the rest of the family in the card. She also didn't forget to draw her "ate's".
Last Friday, we also had a field trip in McDonald's with the preschool kids. (note: I missed this:-( as i had an event) Margaux was very excited to go to the field trip. She kept on saying she was going with her daddy but when it was her Ate En-en(margaux's yaya), she was still very excited. (note: Dicky has to bring Bianca for pedia check-up, thanks to very supportive husband). Margaux wasn't able to sit with her Ate En-en on the way to McDonald's but this did not upset her at all. She just sat and confidently called out the types and the colors of the different vehicles passing by.
During the field trip, Margaux was always in front of the group listening quietly at our guide.
Reading weekly the teacher's journal, makes me a very proud mommy for the little achievements of my Margaux. She has really been a very good sister to Bianca. I can attest to how much she cares for her baby sister. All these small things are big for a mommy like me.
This is also what I like about her current school because the teacher really take time to give progress report every week. I guess this not available to all schools. I'm happy with the way they are handling the kids. Still considering to send Margaux to same school next school year. But that would still be dependent if we are moving house already. Another decision to make.