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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I hope it's not...

Brought Margaux yesterday to Medical City be tested for primary complex. I'm suspecting it but I really hope it's not. She had chest x-ray yesterday and had PPD skin test. Will know results by tomorrow.

So we decided not to send her to school for the meantime. I know primary complex can still be treated but I know it has not to be taken for granted cause it could develop to more complications.

We really pray it's not.


happy said...

i honestly don't know what primary complex is. what i know for sure is the fact that a mother like you would definitely worry at the smallest sign of a child's illness. i'm not a mother yet but i super love children. that's the reason why i could relate with you.

anyway, i hope it's nothing serious. your daughter will have my prayers.

apple said...

oh my!

same here, hoping it's not PC.
austin will be finished with his meds this april. such a pain.

hope all is well.