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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Coins anyone?

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas declared a scarcity of coins. They are being audited to billions of coins that are not in circulation in our country today. Well, Pinoys are just damned good in saving...saving coins in the coinbank! hehehe...and we are one of those!

We recently opened a coin bank which we got during my baby shower from one of my egroup family. It has been a tradition to every baby shower, that a coin bank will be presented as the first of our babies. Margaux was not spared from that tradition and we were delighted to receive then our princess coinbank.

We started saving on it last February and have to open it early December cause it's already full. Look how much we've got...i enjoyed counting the P5 and P10 coins.

We also opened another's our own blue piggy bank...margaux posed for a picture with a hefty P5,620!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

All About Marriage

In this season of christmas, December is the most peak month for the wedding industry. You will expect suppliers to be very busy at this time of year. (i'm one of them!)

According to statistics, there are more than 4000 couples getting married each month in Metro Manila alone. That number more than doubles during the month of December.

It is amazing to be part of my clients' weddings. Each is unique and has some stories to tell. I always love to see two individuals so in love with each other, pouring down their emotions as they walk down the aisle, as they exchange their vows and as they finally make their first kiss as husband and wife. You will see all the glow in their eyes. What then makes the marriage after the wedding day?

Dicky and I recently watched the movie, "Shall We Dance" in DVD starring the very handsome Richard Gere and the sexy Jennifer Lopez. I like that movie, it's very light and refreshing but has some wisdom to share.

One of my favorite lines from the movie came from Susan Sarandon who plays as wife of Gere.

"All these promises that we make and we break, why is it, do you think, that people get married? Because we need a witness to our lives. There's a billion people on the planet. I mean, what does any one life really mean? But in a marriage, you're promising to care about everything-the good things, the bad things, the terrible things, the mundane things. All of it. All the time, everyday. You're saying, your life will not go unnoticed, because I will notice it. Your life will not go unwitnessed, because I will be your witness."

Richard Gere, on the other hand said during the last part of the movie...

"The one thing I am proudest of in my whole life is that you are happy with me. If I couldn't tell you that I was unhappy sometimes, it was because I didn't want to risk hurting the person I treasure most."

This made me cry...

Such a lovely movie.

Friday, December 09, 2005

It's beginning to look like christmas.

It's beginning to look like Christmas!

Yipee, finally was able to shop for christmas...started wrapping gifts and look what we've got...

Happy holidays!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Margaux turned 8months today!

Happy 8th Month Bday Margaux!

Pansit and leche flan this time...

4 months to go!...Travel with Barney and Margaux on her 1st bday!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Update on my overdues!

1. Confirm and finalize venue for Margaux's 1st bday--->DONE!

2. Finalize bday theme for Margaux--->DONE!

3. Propylaxis

4. Cauterization of Warts--->DONE!

5. Facial Cleaning--->DONE!

6. Visit OB for Pap Smear

7. Start Christmas Shopping--->IN PROGRESS!

8. Go to Divisoria to check loots for Margaux's bday

9. Spa Appointment- for body scrubbing

10. Attend hairstyling class

11. Have trial session in Little Gym, Gymboree, Tumbletots for Margaux

12. Scrapbooking --> haven't finished her baptism scrapbook and her monthly scrapbook!

13. Learn how to make photo mosaic

14. Pictorial Session for Margaux with Child's Play--->DONE!

15. Buy Christmas cards for sending to friends, relatives abroad

16. Play Badminton

17. Exercise

18. Diet, diet, diet ---> eto ang pinakamahirap sa lahat kaya ihuhuli ko na lang!

I noticed these changes in me...

Twenty things that change when you have a baby
By Rebecca Woolf

What changes when you have a baby? A better question may be: What doesn't change? Read mom Rebecca Woolf's list of post-baby differences

1. You look at your baby in the mirror instead of yourself. --->Jody says: I like so much this one!

2. You finally stop to smell the roses, because your baby is in your arms.

3. Where you once believed you were fearless, you now find yourself afraid.

4. You're less self-involved and more self-motivated.

5. The sacrifices you thought you made to have a child no longer seem like sacrifices.

6. You respect your body ... finally. (Hooray for baby-making!)

7. You have stronger opinions and are stronger willed.

8. You respect your parents and love them in a new way. (Hooray for grandparents!)

9. You find that your baby's pain feels much worse than your own.---> Jody says: AMEN!

10. You believe once again in the things you believed in as a child. (Hooray for the tooth fairy!)

11. You lose touch with the people in your life that you should have banished years ago.

12. Your heart breaks much more easily.

13. You think of your baby 234,836,178,976 times a day. In fact, you're so busy with this that you forget everything else. ---> Jody says: Very, very true!

14. Every day is a surprise. ---> Jody says: It's an exciting world!

15. Bodily functions are no longer repulsive. In fact, they please you. (Hooray for poop!)

16. You think before you speak.

17. You become a morning person. (Hooray for watching the sun rise!) --->Jody says: This is the biggest change in me! I can now wake up as early as 5am!

18. If you have a son, you no longer curse men. (Hooray for all men!)

19. If you have a daughter, you hope she won't endure your same heartaches.

20. Your love becomes limitless, a superhuman power.

Mommies, did you notice these changes in you too? :-) :-) :-)

My pains last week...

We already went out of the hospital last friday night. We stayed there from Tuesday afternoon till Friday so almost 4 days din. Margaux had to be admitted because of pneumonisis, 1st stage of pneumonia daw yun. Her respiratory rate when we went to pedia was at 65 already. Dapat for her age around 35-40 lang. Ibig sabihin nun, hirap na syang huminga. Kaya her pedia advised us na for admittance na sya cause she can't take any chances daw.

On our way to the hospital, parang i have a feeling na ma-admit na nga sya. Monday night kasi, she really had bad coughs as in every 30mins. But she was still very playful naman so kala ko rin ok na. I was the one lang who brought her with the yaya kasi si Dicky was on a meeting in Makati. Color coding pa kami kaya we went to pedia around after lunch para pasok sa window ng walang coding. Usapan namin ni Dicky, susunod sya sa Med City. Ayun nga, sabi ni pedia, dalhin namin sya sa emergency room. She was suctioned through the nose para lumabas ang phlegm. Hay, di ko ma-take ito! I have to go out of the room and sabi ko na lang sa resident doctor to be gentle to my baby. She cried a lot. Namaga na ang mata sa kakaiyak.

Tapos, yung IV naman. We wanted sana sa paa na lang ilagay kasi she thumb sucks nga. Pero both feet walang nakita, kaya sa left hand din nailagay. Syempre, mega iyak na naman sya. This time, it was dicky who was holding her. It pains me so much to see her in pain. Grabe talaga ang feeling. Feeling of awa talaga kay Margaux cause she has to go through it. My feeling was like questioning kung bakit mukhang sakitin ang anak ko. What could be the problem? Pedia said na medyo mahina nga ang respiratory ni Margaux. So kung di maagapan, could lead to asthma. May pinagmanahan ata kay Dicky eh. Dicky was asthmatic kasi when he was a kid. Who would believe ano, sa laki nyang yan ngayon? But until 10yrs old, he has asthma pero na-outgrow na din nya. We are considering to have her vaccined for IPD, pneumococcal vaccine. Ito yung bagong commercial sa TV, which is good ata para sa mga case ni margaux who is prone to pneumonia.

Right now, she's better naman. She plays a lot na rin. Although nalungkot ako ng sobra kasi namayat din sya. Thank you for all those who texted, emailed us. Maraming salamat talaga. I needed that on those times. It was very comforting. Thank you very much for all your prayers.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'm still in love with this man!

Yes, I am still very much in love with this man...

He is my daily dose of sanity and my daily breakfast to live my life beautifully...Dicky and my daughter Margaux makes my life complete.

I was cleaning up the junk files in my computer when I came across a letter...a letter I wrote and gave to my husband over a month before my delivery. I want to be sentimental about it. It's so good to reminisce.

February 24, 2005

Dear Dicky,

Being pregnant is a time of such anticipation, optimism and dreaming…of fear and insecurity and even self-doubt. I have felt all of these in the course of my pregnancy. At first, the joy of finally having our gift after more than two years of waiting made me feel so blessed. Until now that I am close to the final track, I almost can’t believe that I am capable of making one and carrying a life in my womb.

It is an extraordinary experience to go through all this pregnancy business. And nothing can be more rewarding than the very support of all the people around you, most especially from someone who was part of all this conspiracy (hehehe)…your husband.

Babes, I want to express my wholehearted gratitude to you for all the encouragement, support and pampering you have been extending to me the moment you learned that we are pregnant up to this very time. A lot of things are going into my mind but you were there always to keep me sane. I know that all these experiences and confusions are also very new to you but I’m glad we are together on this matter.

Thank you for regularly accompanying me to my doctor’s checkups. It makes me feel secured and just be excited on every visit rather than focus on how much weight I have already gained and if I would ever go back to my normal size! (huhuhu)

Thank you for attending the childbirth class with me. Although I know that it is something very strange for you initially, still my persistence proves to be effective for you. I hope the classes made you see the beauty of being part of your wife’s delivery time even if it takes you to clamp and cut our baby Margaux’s umbilical cord. Baby, you can do it. Talking about my persistence right?

I appreciate you being open to the idea of being with me through my labor pains up until we can hold Margaux in our arms already. Have I convinced you about it? Not to put pressure but I want you to let me know ahead of time if you can withstand the pain that I will go through. Of course, I want you to be comfortable as well during those times and not be annoyed for being part of it. Don’t worry, I promise not to shout on you whenever a contraction strikes! But I would still count on your PATIENCE on me. That is one virtue I appreciate mostly from you.

Thank you for being a good provider for me and of course for our coming baby. I know how much you are striving hard to ensure our family’s future and to just provide the best. You are such a responsible man and that is something I really look up to you. I know you have problems/concerns in the office but you are not letting it get in the way or even make me worry about it. I want you to know that I value each day that you go to office and all your hardships. Will always be there for you to support you and I’m proud for what you have become already in your current state. Now, it isn’t just me who will be there for you always, supporting you to take more leaps and conquer more worlds, our daughter will also cheer to you: “Go, go to the Best Dad in the World!”

Now that I am coming into the homestretch, each day requires a lot of endurance as I finally wait to end this maternity marathon. I sometimes feel guilty that I haven’t been taking care of you lately, sorry not just lately but since I got this big ball in my stomach. I am so preoccupied with the things to prepare for the baby not only materially but also physically and most importantly emotionally.

I would like to take this time to apologize for the times I have not been a good wife to you. I haven’t been sensitive to your needs nor have I been thoughtful and sweet lately. I always want to take the prime seat and would always want to be pampered. I didn’t realize that I also have some obligations to you as your wife and as your partner in life.

You talking to Margaux every morning and evening makes us bond as a family. I can now feel that we are a FAMILY! I can’t wait to hold our daughter in our arms as we play with her. I’m sure she would be our angel.

When the time comes that Margaux is beside us already, please don’t feel insecure just in case I would sometimes neglect you. It isn’t intentional. I would appreciate you constantly reminding me to take care of you as well. And if sometime, I feel so stressed and harassed already with the demands of motherhood, a big hug from you will do. I may not be perfect but knowing that I have you beside me, supporting and appreciating me even in my mistakes would be a perfect compliment already.

I am looking forward for our future life together now that we will have our 1st born already. I am sure we would still want to have another one or more children, depends on what the Lord will provide. It makes me anticipate of more good times together as a family.

Life is really so sweet especially with you. I thank the Lord everyday for bringing us into each other’s life.

I love you so much daddy babes!

Mommy Jody

Who wants a chocolate cake?

I do! Last sunday, I tried my luck in the kitchen to bake a chocolate cake. Sharing some pictures...

How the mixture looked like after using an electric mixer....

Then poured in the pan...

Preparing the chocolate frost over low heat...

After 30 minutes of baking over 350 degree celsius...

Now, with frosting on top...

After all, a slice of chocolate cake can make my day! Yummie...

Monday, November 07, 2005


I was tagged by Leah (thanks for introducing it to me). I don't know what it is but been reading about it to some of my blogmates.

Let me try it...

here are twenty random facts about ME:

1. I married the right guy and we are still very happy together.
2. I'm a mom to a beautiful baby named Margarita Frances (Margaux).
3. I'm a stress freak.
4. I'm a bag shopaholic. I have more than 50 different kinds of bags.
5. I love my Magic Mic.
6. I have lots of work currently.
7. I want to have a laptop.
8. I love travelling.
9. I don't want to exercise but I want to trim down my excess fats.
10. I joined beauty pageants when I was in grade school and high school, bet you, I always bagged a prize!
11. I believed in Santa Claus until I was 10.
12. I don't fit in my wedding gown anymore.
13. I only learned how to swim about 5years ago, when I enrolled in Lozada swimming class.
14. I know how to drive, been driving for 7years now.
15. I love pasta.
16. I have keloidal skin.
17. I want to try being a make-up artist as a career.
18. I love and enjoy my work.
19. I sleep late at night. Earliest at 12mn.
20. I enjoy blogging.

Next to tag is Ana, Tina and April.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Trick or Treat???!!!

Margaux is definitely a treat in our eyes. Isn't she cute with her pink piggy costume? Thanks to her ninang Mimi. She's wearing a bumblebee costume. (puede nang model ninang!).

Today, she's celebrating her 7th month bday. I cooked lasagna for merienda and the lola has her take for a pancit, another bday celebration for our little angel!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

All I want for Christmas...

All I want for Christmas is a....

L A P T O P!!!

Hay, but couldn't be this christmas cause kulang ang budget ko! :-(

Anyway, may christmas naman every year eh...kung kailan ko na lang ma-afford :-) :-) :-)

My Overdues

Ok, to start off with my blogging...i'll scribble first about all my overdue personal to dos:

1. Confirm and finalize venue for Margaux's 1st bday
2. Finalize bday theme for Margaux
3. Propylaxis
4. Cauterization of Warts
5. Facial Cleaning
6. Visit OB for Pap Smear
7. Start Christmas Shopping
8. Go to Divisoria to check loots for Margaux's bday
9. Spa Appointment- for body scrubbing
10. Attend hairstyling class
11. Have trial session in Little Gym, Gymboree, Tumbletots for Margaux
12. Scrapbooking --> haven't finished her baptism scrapbook and her monthly scrapbook!
13. Learn how to make photo mosaic
14. Pictorial Session for Margaux with Child's Play
15. Buy Christmas cards for sending to friends, relatives abroad
16. Play Badminton
17. Exercise
18. Diet, diet, diet ---> eto ang pinakamahirap sa lahat kaya ihuhuli ko na lang!


I wrote few lines...

I paused...

I wrote again...

I paused...

I deleted everything....

With so many things on my mind...

I don't know where to start....

There's no sense on what I'm writing now...

I hope I can get back to blogging...

Maybe, I'm just tired...

or maybe I'm just too stubborn...

Monday, October 24, 2005

After a long while...

Oh, I miss blogging so much...been very busy the past few weeks. I don't know. It's not just about work but a lot more things. Hay, can't enumerate na all the things that has passed and happened but i'm trying to get back online to still keep my sanity...hehehe.

Will be blogging again soon...

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Have your cake and eat it too!

We just had a simple celebration for the 6th month bday of Margaux, just 6months not 6th year!Yes, we are still celebrating it per month...but the best part of it is that she had candle blowing again on her cake, just like on her 1st month bday.

Yum-yum chocolate cake from a reliable supplier...RED RIBBON! (hehehe)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Margaux's Passport

Finally got Margaux's passport. Can't stop looking at her picture cutie! Mana sa mommy! Kailan kaya matatatakan ang passport nya and saan kaya ang unang destination? Wish, wish, wish again...will see!

Margaux at Play!

See my baby play? Isn't she adorable? She enjoys her playgym so much already. She reaches for all those hanging toys already. Before she barely can't even kick those. This time, she loves rolling over back and forth on it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Margaux is growing!

By Friday, Sept 30, Margaux is already 6months old! How time flies so fast!

Pressure now, as I really need to prepare for her upcoming 1st bday party. I don't want to cram cause it is just around the corner. I need to have the budget approved by the CFO (Chief Financial Officer), none other than my loving husband. (babes, if you are reading this, hehehe, halatang sipsip ano?)

Need to make a budget planner so I won't go overboard. Wish, wish, wish! Dami kong wish for her 1st bday celebration!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What's keeping me busy?

I have to admit...I'm an addict of Pinoy Big Brother...isa ako sa mga tsismosang pinoy na nakikisilip sa ginagawa ng mga housemates...I'm so affected by this show! As in! Ang cute pa naman ng bagong pasok na housemate na si SAM!!!


Well, hindi naman Pinoy Big Brother lang ang inaasikaso ko...I have lots of work, work, and work! December is just around the corner kaya naman, dami na namang meetings and weddings! Peak months na naman!


Another thing that keeps me busy? My newly purchased Magic Mic!!! Yipee, got one courtesy of my kumare Cheann...(thanks for selling to me). Ngapala, di pa bayad yun pero enjoy na enjoy na ako! Hehehe...

Another career for me...singer naman! Hahaha, halatang walang magawa ano?...

Monday, September 12, 2005


Talking about Margaux, she has another milestones...sleeping in her stomach and holding her bottle when feeding!!!

I mentioned before that she rarely rolls over. But since last week, I'm a proud mamma because wala namang tigil ang pag-dapa. Until last friday, nakatulog na sya to that position. Before kasi, she really doesn't really like that position.

Then we were teaching her also how to hold her bottle when feeding. We're teaching her how to put the nipple into her mouth. She needs guidance pa but I think we're getting at it.

Another accomplishment, finally had time to get the edited video of Margaux's baptism last friday from Ariel Javelosa. Parang nag-debut si Margaux sa mga kuha!

We will be proud to show it to her when she grows up...we want to document every phase of her life...her much we love her.

I'm so happy to accomplish this one thing that has been sitting in my To Do list for almost 2 months already!...that is applying for a Passport for Margaux!

Yesterday, we submitted already all the documents needed to the agency who is going to process it. It took me some time to complete the docs because I waited for the authenticated birth certificate from NSO. We also had Margaux's passport picture just last week.

Hay finally it's done! Just have to pick it up after 2wks. Are we leaving or travelling?...Hmmm, still thinking. The passport is valid for 5years anyway!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Feels Like Home

Somethin' in your eyes, makes me wanna lose myself
Makes me wanna lose myself, in your arms
There's somethin' in your voice, makes my heart beat fast
Hope this feeling lasts, the rest of my life.

If you knew how lonely my life has been
And how long I've been so alone
And if you knew how I wanted someone to come along
And change my life the way you've done

It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me
It feels like I'm all the way back where I come from
It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me
It feels like I'm all the way back where I belong

A window breaks, down a long, dark street
And a siren wails at night
But I'm alright, cause I have you here with me
And I can almost see, through the dark there is light

Well, if you knew how much this moment means to me
And how long I've waited for your touch
And if you knew how happy you are making me
I never thought that I'd love anyone so much

It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me
It feels like I'm all the way back where I come from
It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me
It feels like I'm all the way back where I belong
It feels like I'm all the way back where I belong

The above song is what I've been singing to Margaux since she was a newborn. It so amazing how she recognizes this song every bed time. Now, she even hums with me and smiles spontaneously whenever she hears the song. After few minutes, she's already in her dreamland!

Who knows, soon... she would really sing it with me already...talking about the making of the next diva!

Well, just my dreams for her...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bridal Look

The pictures were taken last Friday as we were asked to do a bridal look to our models.(peace tina, for posting your pics!)

It took me almost 3 hours to do it...trying to follow what my model chose for a bridal look in a magazine.

Need to practise more so the three hours can be cut back to two and a half! Hahaha!

A tiring weekend...

Whew! It was a tiring weekend. It was the Wedding Expo last Sept 3 and 4 in NBC Tent. I have to be there for both days. But it was a fun atmosphere with all the soon-to-wed couples checking out their favorite suppliers. I was happy with the turn-out. Got a good number of bookings. I was also visited by Margaux in my booth. I went around to show her to my supplier friends. They all say she looks like Dicky! No doubt...

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It's my turn...

Yes...I even tried putting make-up to myself. Anyway, I'm studying it for my own use as well. I did it last sunday...have to pass this picture for my assignment tomorrow. I wonder what will our teacher say!

I wanted to create a smoky look so I used silver base and gray eye shadows. It was a quick haul as I finished myself in 40minutes. Not so convincing but I'm just quite satisfied. Nonetheless, there is still room for improvement and I'm very much open to it...

Watch out for the next looks!

At Five months...

At five months...

Margaux can already squeal in delight...
Margaux already knows how to giggle and smile spontaneously.
Margaux can already smile back when you smile.
Margaux can already reach for an object.
Margaux can already grasp a rattle.
Margaux can already keep head level with body when pulled to sitting.
Margaux can already raise chest when on stomach, supported by her arms.

But she rarely rolls over on her own. It's ok...some babies are really like that according to books. I would just be guiding her. She's very like darn stubborn to exercise!

By the way, she had her picture taken last sunday for her passport! She's so cute...can't wait to see the prints...

Happy 5months bday Margaux!!! Mommy will cook Tuna Spaghetti this time around...

Friday, August 26, 2005

Trial Make-ups

Above were my models (cousin Sherlou and sister-in-law Monette) who had undergone my trial make-up! They will kill me for posting their pics on the web!!!!

Soon I'll be putting an additional service for my business-Events Experts. FREE Trial Make-up! hahaha! Any takers? It could be a freebie to my clients. Hay, baka mawalan ako ng cliente!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Shopping in HongKong!!!

I'm back from HK nung sunday pm pa. We (dicky and I) arrived mga 130am na sa house. Sobrang pagod. Kahapon ko naramdaman ang sakit ng mga paa ko.

Kwento...I left Thursday, August 18. Ang aga ng flight ko, 630am via Cathay so I have to be in the airport at 4am atleast. I arrived before 4am. Ang dami-daming tao. Would you believe, almost in time lang ako for boarding nung natapos ako sa pagcheck-in. Mostly kasi connecting flights papuntang UK and US kaya ang daming tao. I was in HK around 9am and in my hotel room na around 1030am. Dicky arrived in my hotel at 11am. We missed each other so much kaya naman ang higpit ng aming hug to each other. We went out to have lunch in one of the chinese restaurants near my hotel. 3-star hotel lang ako nagstay para makamura pero it was along Nathan Road kaya naman sa baba pa lang ng hotel, tiba-tiba na sa shopping.

Dicky has a meeting at 2pm in Hongkong side kaya sumama na rin ako sa kanya. Punta na lang ako on my own sa Causeway Bay to check Times Square mall while waiting for Dicky. Nagtingin din ako ng mga laptops, cameras and radios for my coordination. I ended up buying just the headseats. Sobrang maulan sa HK while we were there. Napilitan tuloy kaming bumili ng foldable umbrella worth HK$10 lang, yun pala parang disposable. 1 day pa lang sira na. We ended up buying another one. This time, di na foldable binili namin, yung mahaba na. Nagkita na kami ulit ni Dicky around 5pm in Times Square. We started shopping. I went na dun sa Esprit Outlet pero wala na akong masyadong makita cause siguro nabili na yung magaganda. We just shop along Nathan and ended around 9pm. We had late dinner na lang.

Friday, we went to the hotel of Dicky in Harbor Plaza Metropolis cause may meeting sya doon ng 9am. Ang layo ng hotel nila, sa Hung Hom pa kaya have to ride a shuttle from Tsim Tsa Tsui. Pero super ganda ng hotel nila, overlooking the harbor view. Super lakas ng ulan kaya basang basa kami on our way there. Doon na rin kami nag-lunch cause late na natapos meeting ni Dicky. After which, shopping na naman. We went naman to Harbor City connecting to Marco Polo Gateway. It's the biggest mall in HongKong. Imagine, may map pa sila. Best destination there, Toys R Us. We got Margaux some toys and my favorite eh yung Vtech Sing and Dance Piano! As in may microphone pa, para mapractise ang pagiging diva ng anak ko. Di na kami halos nag-dinner cause we ate merienda in one of the breadshops inside the mall. Yum-yum ang mga breads nila. We finished shopping around 930pm na then we passed by pa dun sa may Nathan where we bought some perfumes. Tinuro iyon ng friend ni Dicky na dun daw bumili. Sobrang mura ng mga perfumes compared sa Sasa and sa mga malls. Actually, they do sell yung mga testers which is almost 20% na lang of the original cost. The only difference is wala syang box. May boy naman pero brown lang di talaga the original box. But the perfumes inside are original. Dicky got 3, I got 2 and one for a friend. Sobrang nagulat kami sa price cause like yung Bulgari Extreme His na HK$900 sa malls, we got it for HK$250 na lang! When we arrived sa hotel, sobrang pagod na kami. Just took shower then sleep na.

Saturday naman, we were out shopping again. This time, we got na the pasalubongs to our families. Then balik pa rin kami sa Marco Polo gateway to get more clothes for Margaux. Ang cute kasi ng mga goods nila doon esp for kids, puro disney dahil nga sa disneyland. Pati avent mura doon, kaya I got mga nipples for avent. Mostly napamili namin eh for Margaux but mind you, ang daddy, si Dicky, sangdamakmak ang pinamiling mga damit and shoes. Ang bigat-bigat ng luggage nya, umabot ng 33.2K eh dapat 32K lang. Buti di na kami pinagbayad. Mine kasi was 22K lang. I got some blouses from Esprit, Bossini and Crocodile. For the first time, di ako bumili ng bag on my trip. Hehehe, pinipigilan kasi ako ni Dicky eh. Actually, yung Lacoste nila doon eh mas mahal kesa dito sa Pinas. Kasi when you compute for the conversion, mas mahal talaga lumalabas. Pati mga branded make-ups, di na ako bumili kasi nga lumalabas mas mahal. I'd rather get na lang in Rustan's, sayang pa kasi sa points in frequent shoppers. As usual, ginabi na naman kami umuwi that saturday pm.

Sunday naman, pack na lang of things cause i need to check out by 12nn then leave na lang our baggages so we can still go out dahil 6pm pa ang sundo ng airport transfer namin. I was worried na baka singilin ako sa hotel cause dicky stayed with me. Package kasi ang kinuha ko ang dapat single lang sa room. Buti na lang hindi! We initially planned to go to Disneyland dahil soft launch nung August 21, sunday pero the rides are not yet open. Open lang ang gates pero not much to see pa. HK$20 lang kasi ang pamasahe from Tsim Tsa Tsui when you ride the train. They creted an new train line going there and so cool ng train cause disney characters lahat ang designs. Kaso di na rin kami tumuloy dahil malakas ang ulan. Pero kahit na umuulan pa, di talaga kami papigil sa shopping. We were back in the hotel in time for our pick-up. Marami pa ring nagawang last minute shopping. Wala nga kaming masyadong picture, wala pa atang 10 shots dahil we didn't tour na naman, kasi been there na nga before. Purposely, shopping talaga pinunta namin. Kakahiya namang mag-picture pa kami while shopping diba?

Overall, marami talaga kming napamili. I just realized yesterday, when I computed for it. Gosh! Lalong sumakit ang ulo ko....hehehe. Sabi ko kay Dicky, isang taon kaming di bibili ng bagong damit! It was very tiring. Kahapon, halos di ako makabangon sa sakit ng katawan because of shopping and also talking about making up for the lost times!

Yun lang ang kwento ko sa aming HK shopping adventure!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Leaving on a jet plane...

I'm leaving early morning tomorrow, not naman on a jet...airplane naman. Have to follow Dicky in HK lang naman as he was there last Sunday pa. Miss na miss na ako ng asawa ko and miss na miss ko na rin sya!

Kaya lang, I'm not that excited cause I feel so guilty leaving Margaux behind. I'm not worried that no one will take care of her because the lola is always here to look after her. Pero sadyang ma-miss ko sya ng sobra. Gusto ko ngang parating karga today eh. Kasi four days ko syang di mahahawakan.

This trip is my reward from my husband, for bringing Margaux in this world, for taking good care of her. I feel I deserve this break as well, kahit na 4 days lang cause after I gave birth last March 30 eh work na rin ako agad and I know after this 4 days vacation, work na naman ang naghihintay sa akin. Not that I'm complaining...I feel so blessed nga actually. Work is a blessing anyway.

But I'm also looking forward to the great, great, great sale in HK this August. Sabi nila, 10% daw, hindi 10% ang discount, kung hindi 10% na lang daw ang babayaran mo! Isn't great? Baka maloka ako nyan doon! I already did na my list of what to look for and buy. Alam nyo naman, mahilig ako sa lists, planner kasi eh.

Kaso, naiinis din ako dahil I'm flying via Cathay Pacific, hindi PAL. Sayang ang MILES!!! Kasi naman Dicky is via Cathay cause it was their office who booked him. No choice, alangan namang magkaiba pa kami ng flight pauwi on Sunday. But would love to fly via PAL na nga lang dahil, malapit na ako makakuha ng 2 tickets to Cebu. Boracay or Davao!!! Sayang naman diba? Pero sige na nga, next time na lang.

Oh and I won't be able to blog for couple of days...will be back with my HK kwento. I just realized, it is our 3rd trip to HK already ni Dicky. The 1st one was 2000, we were still bg/gf palang nun, with his mom and brother. The 2nd one was feb last year lang. Di kami masyadong mahilig dito ano? Looking forward to the real yang chow fried rice there and of course the SHOPPING, SHOPPING, SHOPPING!. First time kong pumunta on an August which is their greatest sale month.

Hahaha, sige na nga excited na rin ako. Kunwari pang malungkot ano? But no joke, I will truly miss my Margaux!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The New Make-Up Artists

See, who said we can't be one? Our teacher, Claire, said Cheann and I are both fast learners. The make-up class is so fun. Not to mention, that you get to be made up every after class. Puedeng rumampa sa entablado! Also, I know now the difference between a studio tech and a studio fix (make-ups from Mac!).

The pictures are taken yesterday, Aug 15. Claire did the half of our faces then we did the other half to each other. I'm looking forward to the next class, as we have to do the whole face already! Yikes, ano kaya ang magiging itsura?

We were also asked to practise at home, to do 3 different looks to someone or 3 different people. My first ginny pig will be my sis-in-law! Hay, goodluck to her. Sana di ko makalbo ang kilay nya! Hahaha!

Watch out for the new make-up artists in town! Baka matakot na si Chechel Joson, Juan Sarte and Lala Flores sa amin nyan! Hay, ang kapal...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Blogging Marathon!

It's a sunday, it's my 4th blog post for the day and I miss Dicky already. Good thing I have a daughter to keep me company. Right now, she is still sound asleep. Good thing I have a computer to work on. Good thing I have a blog to jot down things....

I did a blogging marathon this whole sunday afternoon with all the thoughts I want to write. And I'm so HAPPY to update my template! Yipee, I'm learning my way around this blog thingy!

See, I even change my title...from "My Thoughts...My Stories" to "Scribbles of my Life..." I like it better actually. I finally added also the Tag Board. Nainggit ako kay Tina and Ana! But I'm so proud of myself because I was able to figure out where to put it correctly. Also, I added a Daily Cartoon section and a hit counter. There's more, my favorite daily zeitgeist!

Wow, I'm so proud of myself and so proud of my blog now. I know there's more to improve it but this would do for the meantime. Still want to add more links and site...hopefully I can still work on it and continue to have patience.

This blogging thing is so addicting!

Change of Career?

No, I'm not changing careers yet but I just want to be diversified. Who knows, I could also do it eventually.

What I'm talking about is becoming a make-up artist. Hehehe, you might laugh at it. I got inspired by make-up artists i have bumped into the wedding industry business. Monetarily, I came to realize that they can get paid more because of their talents and not much stressful work than wedding coordination. But mind you, you need some investments for the materials and stuff, and I realized that those are not cheap.

I'm currently taking a class re make-up artistry. Attended the 3rd class last friday. I'm with my good friend and kumare, Cheann. Our teacher is a graduate of a known institute teaching make-up artistry also. What's good about the class is that it is a fun class. Though, we are just two in the class, which makes it more in-depth for us, we really have fun every sessions. We get to put make-up on each other, learn the correct techniques and strokes in make-up, even proper skin care.

But I was overwhelmed by the number of stuff I would like to buy, all make-ups and brushes, even kits! Hehehe. As my friend said, last week was the most expensive monday-friday! Imagine buying a foundation brush worth P1,900! Well, I didn't buy yet, she did. I would definitely check in HK cause the stuff there might be cheaper.

Am I ready for a change of career? Let us see...

Missing Dicky and will be missing Margaux...

As I was writing this post, I'm missing Dicky already. He was away for just 4hours. I dropped him in the airport at 9 this morning. He has a business trip in Hongkong for one week. I'm really not used to being away with him. I'm counting already the days and nights that he will not be home.

This morning, when he said goodbye to Margaux, I saw him cry. Yes, he cried while kissing his daughter goodbye. I know how much he will miss her for just a week that he will be away. I heard him say to Margaux "Daddy is working hard for you, for the future of our family!" I was so touched by his gesture. I also found myself crying.

I would follow Dicky in HongKong by Thursday morning and both of us will be home by Sunday evening. It is actually his gift for me. According to him, it is my prize for delivering a very beautiful and healthy baby, and also for taking care of Margaux.

I have mixed emotions for this trip. I'm excited not only because I can go shopping again in HK but mostly, it is going to be our own time together as husband and wife, our cathing up on each other. But I'm also worried about leaving Margaux. As much as we want to bring her, we cannot. Her passport is not yet available. I know the lola can really take care of her but I would just miss her so much.

Friends and family say, "it's ok...take a break!"

Thank God, it's Friday!

"Thank God, it's Friday!"

We often hear this from people during ends of weekdays as we are all looking forward to a 2day break from work. Not for me actually since my work usually happens on a weekend. I'm used to it already since I have been in the business for more than 3 years already.

Anyway, this post is not about my work. It is actually about what happened to me last friday. I have to admit, I didn't say "Thank God, it's Friday!" last August 12. Hmmm, let me recount to you the reasons.

It was a rainy Friday. It has been raining the whole week since monday. Just to let you know, I don't really like rains, i feel so gloomy everytime it rains. My day started early at 730am. Had to bring Dicky in their office in Quezon City then head off to Greenhills for our make-up class which is supposed to start by 9am. My friend classmate and I decided to start at 9am instead of 10am since I need to leave by 12nn to catch a meeting in Makati at 130pm.

Well, I was late for 9am-meeting time. But it was just few minutes. The make-up class was really, really fun. So sorry, i haven't started my post yet re it...hopefully, I can get time to write about it soon.

At 1130am, my client who i was supposed to meet at 130pm in makati called to say that she will be late for an hour. So we continued with our make-up class to cover more topics. At 130pm, we ended the class. I headed to Makati already. It was so traffic, nothing new anyway. I was so relieved to arrive on time in Makati. Then I received another call from my client. She's still in SSH at 230pm. I know she has a flight to catch up for Bohol so I was worried already if she would still show up.

As I was waiting for her, I decided to go to Legaspi St (near greenbelt) to drop few books to another coordinator. I was along paseo de roxas and had to turn to Legaspi St. I saw a sign that says "No right turn on red signal." I'm the third car who was supposed to turn right. After few seconds, the two cars before me turned right even when the signal light was still red. Without thinking, I followed them. I know, I know...I saw the sign.

Upon turning right, the two cars ahead of me disappeared while the poor me was stopped by a lady makati police in the middle of Legaspi St! Whaaaaah! Yes, nahuli ako! I pulled the car on the side and opened my window. I told the lady police that I just followed the 2 cars ahead of me. Inis na inis ako dahil ako lang ang hinuli nya. Ang malas naman talaga at ako lang ang naabutan nya! GRRRR talaga!

I gave my license to her. Ayaw ko nang makiusap dahil sayang din sa oras dahil mukhang bruhilda ang pulis na yun. Besides, I know naman that I really violated the sign.

Then while she was issuing a ticket to me, there were cars again who turned right while the stoplight was still red. I questioned her, "bakit yung mga cars na yan, di mo hinuhuli eh turning right din sila on red signal?!" Alam nyo ba kung anong sagot sa akin ng magaling na pulis? "Eh hinuhuli pa kita eh, paano ko sila mahuhuli!" GRRRR na naman! "What? So you are not consistent with your rules. Bakit di mo lahat parahin then papilahin mo kami lahat so you can all issue us tickets!" Diba tama naman ako? Alam nyo ba again kung anong sagot sa akin ng matabang pulis na yun? "Aba, tinuturuan mo pa ako kung anong gagawin ko!" GRRRR, I was bursting na inside the car, sobrang init na ng ulo ko, I just shut the window. Breathe in, breathe out, Jody! Naiiyak na ako sa inis!

So ibig sabihin pala, minalas ako, na ako ang naabutan nya at sinuwerte ang dalawang cars na nauna sa akin. Tapos swerte rin at pasalamat ang mga cars na nag-turn right habang hinuhuli nya ako dahil wala syang time para hulihin din sila! Tama ba naman yun? IT WAS NOT FAIR!

She got my license and gave the ticket. Ang tagal tagal nya pang ibigay sa akin. Naghihintay siguro na mag-offer ako ng lagay! No way!

As my final piece to her I said "Alam mo, (matabang pulis--syempre di ko sinabi yun, sa isip ko lang!) ok lang naman sa akin na hulihin mo ako. I know I violated the sign. That's why tumabi ako agad nung pinara mo ako at binigay ko agad sa iyo ang license ko. Kaya lang, di ako ok sa ginawa mo na di mo hinuli yung 2 cars ahead of me and pati yung ibang cars who turned right din habang tiniticketan mo ako! Tama ba naman yun? Maling-mali. Prinsipyo ko pinaglalaban ko dito...Ms. Babat! and I'll make a formal complain about it!" (i saw her name sa badge nya). Sabay sara ng bintana and alis.

Sobrang umuusok ang tenga ko nun! And yes, you read it right, a formal complaint. I'm claiming my drivers license tomorrow in Makati City Hall and I wrote a letter already dahil plano kong ibigay yun kung sino man ang superior ng matabang pulis na yun! Wala akong paki kung wala silang gawin sa complaint ko, basta gusto ko, masabi ko kung anong tama. By the way, first time kong mahuli in my entire driving career. Hehehe, nahuli din dati pero pinalagpas ako ng mga pulis. Never pa nakuha ang license ko. Siguro nadaan sa charm. This time kasi, lady police eh, insecure kasi dahil sa katabaan at ang pangit nya! Hehehe. I'm not against matataba kanya lang dahil hinuli nya ako! As I'm writing this, naiinis na naman tuloy ako.

After few minutes, my client called. She can no longer meet me. O diba ang galing? I just went to Makati para pala magpahuli! To my dismay, I headed to Glorietta and went SHOPPING!

Not really a good friday...napagastos tuloy ako!


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Isolated from the World!

Did it ever happen to you that you feel so isolated from the world? I did a couple of times already. Yesterday was another one. I felt so alone, no one talk to, no one to rescue me because my cellphone was DEAD! It ran out of battery in the middle of edsa, while I was traversing it. I was calling Dicky as I'm going to ask him as to where will I pick him up. Few rings and I got cut! Grrr! What will I do now? I don't know where should I go. I was so worried that he might be calling me already but my phone was dead.

After few minutes, I opened it again. There you go, one bar na lang! Naghihingalo na ang phone ko! Then it rang! Unknown number but I answered it anyway. It was Dicky. Apparently, his phone was also dead so he used his officemate's cellphone! Why could we not have charged the night before? Pareho pa kami.

To make the story short, he was in Makati so had to go there to pick him up. I had to, cause I was insisting to go on a date! Hehehe, cause I was all made up coming from our make-up class! Yes, I'm on a one month classes re make-up. More of that on my next posts.

Dicky and I were able to meet and dine out in Rockwell. On our way home, Dicky was so anxious for not having a cellphone since lunchtime. He got lots of miss calls, he got lots of people to call and text as well. Business deals are all pending! We are both very anxious to get home so we can charge already our cellphones! Whaahh!

Admittedly, my husband and I are both slaves of our cellphones! That's because of the nature of our jobs. Hmmm, but I came to realize that it isn't because of our nature of jobs but because we have allowed it to happen to us.

Did you remember the times that cellphones are not in existence? People are more relaxed. Though I have to say that cellphones made business more prosperous, made distant people communicate more, okay fine... made life easier but it also makes us more stressful when we forget our phones at home/office, when we are low bat or no bat at all. Because we feel so isolated from the world!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Down Memory Lane...

This is an overdue post...

Last friday, we hit the bed late already as it was my mom's bday so my aunts were in our place to join us for a simple celebration. Dicky was already asleep and it was around 1230am. As i was putting my baby to sleep, i got emotional. My eyes were fixed on her as i was stroking her hair and singing a lullaby song.

I started to remember how much Dicky and I have been longing for a child before. Everything came as flashes of events. I clearly imagined the time that I learned I was pregnant. Di ako mapakali noon. I just realized I was smiling all by myself. Let me recount how we learned about it. I copied the email I posted in one my yahoogroups, read on!

<< Mga Friendship, AKO po ang nag-pregnancy test and the result is POSITIVE! Praise God! Until now, di pa rin ako makapaniwala!!! We went to our OB already yesterday and it’s an early detection of pregnancy. I had my ultrasound pero sobrang liit pa ng sac so barely visible to the eyes pa. But the ultrasound showed signs of early pregnancy na. I was asked by Dra Aguilar to go back next week, August 12 so she can check me again. This is the reason why I’m asking for all your prayers…sana magtuloy-tuloy na ito and I could carry the baby to full term.

Ang kulit nga ni Dicky kay OB eh, 3 times nya tinanong si Dra if I’m really pregnant and Dra said Yes! It’s just that she needs to identify first kung di sya blighted ovum or ectopic pregnancy. Sana naman hindi po…please, please pray for us. Kaya actually, hesitant pa kami mag-announce kasi baka maudlot. But Dicky and I would like to CLAIM it already. OUR GIFT HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! The Lord knows what’s best for us kaya we just give our full trust in Him.

Kwento about how I learned about it: My last menstruation is June 16 pa. Remember, I had my HSG last June 23? For that cycle, I didn’t take clomid and didn’t undergo follicle monitoring so I don’t know kung nag-ovulate ako. Rest period ko yung cycle na yun. I was taking my waking temperature and it doesn’t show any rise on temps so feeling ko, di talaga ako nag-ovulate. But we were consistent ni Dicky from Day 9-25 ko. Almost, every other day ata kami!Hehehe. Baka sakali kung baga. I’m expecting my period last July 15 pa, pero di sya dumating. I was asked by OB to go back to her on July 22 kung wala pa rin AF ko. I went back to her that date and she performed TVS to me again. Wala pang makita so she prescribed to me duphaston and told me to wait. Duphaston kasi can induce menstruation kung di ka nag-ovulate talaga but mampakapit lalo if preggy ka man. I even asked OB why duphaston kasi before turinal binibigay nya sa akin. Sagot lang nya sa akin, “di kasi natin nalaman if nag-ovulate ka.” I took the meds last July 23-27. Usually, when I’m taking meds na pang-induce ng AF, in a week, nagkakaroon na talaga ako. I’m not feeling anything at all and I’m actually not expecting this cycle.

Last Aug3, Tuesday, I bought a pregnancy test pero ginamit ko sya kinabukasan pa. Sa Watson kasi ako bumili and I got yung “Be Sure” yung tatak. Parang strip lang sya na you have to dip in a cup. First time kong gumamit nun, causeI always use yung you have to use a dropper. It wasn’t even my first urine in the morning. When I saw the strip, unang lumabas yung line sa control band so meaning negative. So tumayo na ako and lumabas ng CR. When I look at it again, there’s a very very faint line dun sa test band. I remembered Malou, kasi nung nag-test din sya, faint line lang lumabas. Paalis na si Dicky nun, going to the office when I showed it to him. He also noticed the faint line. And then wala lang, the day continued. Di ko pinansin yun actually. I was busy rin kasi that day, dami kong meetings.

Then nung afternoon ng Aug 4, while I was in Rockwell, naalala ko to buy again a new pregnancy test sa mercury drug. This time, I bought yung binibili ko parati na “medic” ang tatak. Gusto ko na sana mag-test bago umuwi kaso wala namana kong cup to collect my sample. So the following day ko pa ginamit. Yesterday, August 5, Dicky left the house early kasi may meeting sya sa QC. Di pa ako bumangon agad, mga 30mins after pa. Then for my first urine for the day,I tested again. Sabi ko kasi sa sarili ko, baka naman, dahil strip lang yunggamit ko kaya may faint line nung una. Parang di reliable yung nabili ko.

On my 2nd test, lumabas ulit agad yung line sa control band, hmmp, sabi ko, mukhang negative na naman, nagkamali lang siguro yung first test ko. Then habang tumatagal, parang may lumabas na line dun sa test line! Manipis lang yung line pero mas visible na sya kesa doon sa first one. I waited for about 5 more mins in the CR, nakatitig lang ako sa test kit. Ayun, mas visible na nga sya pero mas matingkad pa rin yung line sa control band showing na negative but the fact na may two pink lines sya, parang nag-leap yung heart ko. I even checked the box, tiningnan ko kasi baka expired na yung kit…hindi naman. I immediately called Dicky sa cellphone. He just arrived in the office. I broke the news, told him, "I tested again and this time, the 2nd line is more visible". He was so happy on the phone, insisting na magpa-check up na kami. I texted my OB about what happened that I tested twice and so on. She asked me to see her yesterday in her clinic in Friendly Care.

That morning, di na ako mapakali. I tried working and gawin yung mga kailangang kong tapusin pero di ko nagawa. Kakatawa ako kasi, maya’t maya, tumatayo ako para tingan yung test kit. And habang tumatagal eh, lalong nagiging visible ang tingin ko dun sa 2nd line!

By the way, kwento ko pala…nung Wednesday, that is my first test, paglabas kong CR, my MIL texted me. It’s a forwarded message about the Canaanite woman.Sabi sa text: “You have great faith, your dream will come to pass” Ang galing no? Eto pa, yesterday is my 2nd test and confirmation from my OB…it is also myMom’s bday yesterday! O diba, ang ganda nga daw ng regalo naming sa kanya eh…Ayan, nakwento ko na lahat…overflowing joy for us…thanks to all of you who prayed for our little angel to come down na! Please continue to pray for us pa rin ha! >>>

So by now, you know already why I got emotional last August 5, Friday. Exactly a year ago was the time that the doors of heaven opened for us...the time that we learned that i was pregnant. And look at it now, we have Margaux in our arms!

Friday, August 05, 2005

So many things in my mind!...So many things to do!

Whaa! I've been meaning to post for the past couple of days but i just can't. Lots of work and work and work! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining ha! My clients might read this.

The past few days has been chaotic...i would like to take this month as my rest period since August is really a non-peak month for weddings. I want to recharge myself cause i know how I'll be busy again in the coming months esp that December is fast approaching. I've been looking forward for it actually but there seems to be no stop to the multitude of activities i have to finish and attend to. I have to remind myself again to slow down my pace, that i don't have to pressure myself to finish everything in a day cause there's always a tomorrow. Otherwise, August will just pass without any resting moment for me. (sigh!)

Well, we work to live. It's a fact of life! But it's how we value our jobs, how we put passion into it, how we love it that makes it more worthy for us to live.

So even if there are "so many things in my mind...and so many things to do," I have no regret at all because I value my profession, I'm passionate with my craft and I love the work that I do!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Margaux!

Last saturday was my daughter's 4th month bday. And yes, we do celebrate it each month. Nothing fancy, just a simple celebration. I just cooked baked macaroni and prepared taco salad for the family to partake. Prior to that, we had a 9am appointment with her pedia for her immunization and check-up as well. Gee, I was excited as Dra. Manalo said that Margaux can now start taking solids, but of course it will just be in little amounts. Hmm, what should i prepare? The excited mommy headed off to buy a new bowl and spoon for her as we start her new journey of trying solid foods already.

Wow, these are the excitements of motherhood, of parenthood. I am excited for my baby's development. Now, I've been searching the net, reading books and asking friends on how to do it properly. How time flies so fast! She is not 4months old, next thing i know, she will be celebrating her 1st year bday already (which in fact, I'm starting to prepare as early as now! Call me an OC mom!).

Babies do grow so fast! Wish I can stop the clock so I can just cuddle
her in my arms!!!

Friday, July 29, 2005

One Happy Family

Everything is beautiful. I thank the Lord everyday for the many blessings in my life, one of which is my family...a FAMILY which i can now call my own.

I have a very loving husband and a super cute daughter (of course, you have to love your own!). Dicky and I waited for more than 2 years before our little angel has come down. But i have to say, it is worth all the wait!!! We savoured so much our life of just being together, of being careless and childless. Now, it's a whole different experience as we are now PARENTS but we wouldn't trade it as well.

God is so good. He really knows what's best for us, when's the best time to give to us. I always believe that there is a reason for everything. For the 2 years that we have waited, we had so many good memories as husband and wife, our late movie nights, dining outs, travels together and even just snuggling to bed on a late sunday morning. Now, we can't even watch a movie anymore, few dining outs and even have to check if the restaurant is condusive for us to bring our baby. No more travels and we really cannot cuddle around each other's arms anymore cause Margaux is co-sleeping with us.

Nevertheless, parenthood is very rewarding. And I am very proud of my one happy family--->my husband Dicky and my daughter Margaux.

By the way, we don't mind adding another member in the family in God's perfect time as well!