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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Missing Dicky and will be missing Margaux...

As I was writing this post, I'm missing Dicky already. He was away for just 4hours. I dropped him in the airport at 9 this morning. He has a business trip in Hongkong for one week. I'm really not used to being away with him. I'm counting already the days and nights that he will not be home.

This morning, when he said goodbye to Margaux, I saw him cry. Yes, he cried while kissing his daughter goodbye. I know how much he will miss her for just a week that he will be away. I heard him say to Margaux "Daddy is working hard for you, for the future of our family!" I was so touched by his gesture. I also found myself crying.

I would follow Dicky in HongKong by Thursday morning and both of us will be home by Sunday evening. It is actually his gift for me. According to him, it is my prize for delivering a very beautiful and healthy baby, and also for taking care of Margaux.

I have mixed emotions for this trip. I'm excited not only because I can go shopping again in HK but mostly, it is going to be our own time together as husband and wife, our cathing up on each other. But I'm also worried about leaving Margaux. As much as we want to bring her, we cannot. Her passport is not yet available. I know the lola can really take care of her but I would just miss her so much.

Friends and family say, "it's ok...take a break!"