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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Change of Career?

No, I'm not changing careers yet but I just want to be diversified. Who knows, I could also do it eventually.

What I'm talking about is becoming a make-up artist. Hehehe, you might laugh at it. I got inspired by make-up artists i have bumped into the wedding industry business. Monetarily, I came to realize that they can get paid more because of their talents and not much stressful work than wedding coordination. But mind you, you need some investments for the materials and stuff, and I realized that those are not cheap.

I'm currently taking a class re make-up artistry. Attended the 3rd class last friday. I'm with my good friend and kumare, Cheann. Our teacher is a graduate of a known institute teaching make-up artistry also. What's good about the class is that it is a fun class. Though, we are just two in the class, which makes it more in-depth for us, we really have fun every sessions. We get to put make-up on each other, learn the correct techniques and strokes in make-up, even proper skin care.

But I was overwhelmed by the number of stuff I would like to buy, all make-ups and brushes, even kits! Hehehe. As my friend said, last week was the most expensive monday-friday! Imagine buying a foundation brush worth P1,900! Well, I didn't buy yet, she did. I would definitely check in HK cause the stuff there might be cheaper.

Am I ready for a change of career? Let us see...


My simple thoughts said...

Aha! kaya pala blooming kayo nung last time na magkita kits tayo. At si che-ann, i guess, ginamit na nya yung expensive foundation? Ang pretty nya lalo.