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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Down Memory Lane...

This is an overdue post...

Last friday, we hit the bed late already as it was my mom's bday so my aunts were in our place to join us for a simple celebration. Dicky was already asleep and it was around 1230am. As i was putting my baby to sleep, i got emotional. My eyes were fixed on her as i was stroking her hair and singing a lullaby song.

I started to remember how much Dicky and I have been longing for a child before. Everything came as flashes of events. I clearly imagined the time that I learned I was pregnant. Di ako mapakali noon. I just realized I was smiling all by myself. Let me recount how we learned about it. I copied the email I posted in one my yahoogroups, read on!

<< Mga Friendship, AKO po ang nag-pregnancy test and the result is POSITIVE! Praise God! Until now, di pa rin ako makapaniwala!!! We went to our OB already yesterday and it’s an early detection of pregnancy. I had my ultrasound pero sobrang liit pa ng sac so barely visible to the eyes pa. But the ultrasound showed signs of early pregnancy na. I was asked by Dra Aguilar to go back next week, August 12 so she can check me again. This is the reason why I’m asking for all your prayers…sana magtuloy-tuloy na ito and I could carry the baby to full term.

Ang kulit nga ni Dicky kay OB eh, 3 times nya tinanong si Dra if I’m really pregnant and Dra said Yes! It’s just that she needs to identify first kung di sya blighted ovum or ectopic pregnancy. Sana naman hindi po…please, please pray for us. Kaya actually, hesitant pa kami mag-announce kasi baka maudlot. But Dicky and I would like to CLAIM it already. OUR GIFT HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! The Lord knows what’s best for us kaya we just give our full trust in Him.

Kwento about how I learned about it: My last menstruation is June 16 pa. Remember, I had my HSG last June 23? For that cycle, I didn’t take clomid and didn’t undergo follicle monitoring so I don’t know kung nag-ovulate ako. Rest period ko yung cycle na yun. I was taking my waking temperature and it doesn’t show any rise on temps so feeling ko, di talaga ako nag-ovulate. But we were consistent ni Dicky from Day 9-25 ko. Almost, every other day ata kami!Hehehe. Baka sakali kung baga. I’m expecting my period last July 15 pa, pero di sya dumating. I was asked by OB to go back to her on July 22 kung wala pa rin AF ko. I went back to her that date and she performed TVS to me again. Wala pang makita so she prescribed to me duphaston and told me to wait. Duphaston kasi can induce menstruation kung di ka nag-ovulate talaga but mampakapit lalo if preggy ka man. I even asked OB why duphaston kasi before turinal binibigay nya sa akin. Sagot lang nya sa akin, “di kasi natin nalaman if nag-ovulate ka.” I took the meds last July 23-27. Usually, when I’m taking meds na pang-induce ng AF, in a week, nagkakaroon na talaga ako. I’m not feeling anything at all and I’m actually not expecting this cycle.

Last Aug3, Tuesday, I bought a pregnancy test pero ginamit ko sya kinabukasan pa. Sa Watson kasi ako bumili and I got yung “Be Sure” yung tatak. Parang strip lang sya na you have to dip in a cup. First time kong gumamit nun, causeI always use yung you have to use a dropper. It wasn’t even my first urine in the morning. When I saw the strip, unang lumabas yung line sa control band so meaning negative. So tumayo na ako and lumabas ng CR. When I look at it again, there’s a very very faint line dun sa test band. I remembered Malou, kasi nung nag-test din sya, faint line lang lumabas. Paalis na si Dicky nun, going to the office when I showed it to him. He also noticed the faint line. And then wala lang, the day continued. Di ko pinansin yun actually. I was busy rin kasi that day, dami kong meetings.

Then nung afternoon ng Aug 4, while I was in Rockwell, naalala ko to buy again a new pregnancy test sa mercury drug. This time, I bought yung binibili ko parati na “medic” ang tatak. Gusto ko na sana mag-test bago umuwi kaso wala namana kong cup to collect my sample. So the following day ko pa ginamit. Yesterday, August 5, Dicky left the house early kasi may meeting sya sa QC. Di pa ako bumangon agad, mga 30mins after pa. Then for my first urine for the day,I tested again. Sabi ko kasi sa sarili ko, baka naman, dahil strip lang yunggamit ko kaya may faint line nung una. Parang di reliable yung nabili ko.

On my 2nd test, lumabas ulit agad yung line sa control band, hmmp, sabi ko, mukhang negative na naman, nagkamali lang siguro yung first test ko. Then habang tumatagal, parang may lumabas na line dun sa test line! Manipis lang yung line pero mas visible na sya kesa doon sa first one. I waited for about 5 more mins in the CR, nakatitig lang ako sa test kit. Ayun, mas visible na nga sya pero mas matingkad pa rin yung line sa control band showing na negative but the fact na may two pink lines sya, parang nag-leap yung heart ko. I even checked the box, tiningnan ko kasi baka expired na yung kit…hindi naman. I immediately called Dicky sa cellphone. He just arrived in the office. I broke the news, told him, "I tested again and this time, the 2nd line is more visible". He was so happy on the phone, insisting na magpa-check up na kami. I texted my OB about what happened that I tested twice and so on. She asked me to see her yesterday in her clinic in Friendly Care.

That morning, di na ako mapakali. I tried working and gawin yung mga kailangang kong tapusin pero di ko nagawa. Kakatawa ako kasi, maya’t maya, tumatayo ako para tingan yung test kit. And habang tumatagal eh, lalong nagiging visible ang tingin ko dun sa 2nd line!

By the way, kwento ko pala…nung Wednesday, that is my first test, paglabas kong CR, my MIL texted me. It’s a forwarded message about the Canaanite woman.Sabi sa text: “You have great faith, your dream will come to pass” Ang galing no? Eto pa, yesterday is my 2nd test and confirmation from my OB…it is also myMom’s bday yesterday! O diba, ang ganda nga daw ng regalo naming sa kanya eh…Ayan, nakwento ko na lahat…overflowing joy for us…thanks to all of you who prayed for our little angel to come down na! Please continue to pray for us pa rin ha! >>>

So by now, you know already why I got emotional last August 5, Friday. Exactly a year ago was the time that the doors of heaven opened for us...the time that we learned that i was pregnant. And look at it now, we have Margaux in our arms!


My simple thoughts said...

Hi jodes! Your story (as I've said before) is such an inspiration. It's one way of making us realize that GOD is always there...listening to our hearts. And He will grant our prayers in His perfect time. God bless Margaux & your family. She's truly heaven sent! - Ana

Mickee said...

i know how this feels like. i can personally relate to your story kasi i've been through that before din. God is really, really good. i just realized that He isn't really saying NO, but NOT YET.