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Monday, August 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Margaux!

Last saturday was my daughter's 4th month bday. And yes, we do celebrate it each month. Nothing fancy, just a simple celebration. I just cooked baked macaroni and prepared taco salad for the family to partake. Prior to that, we had a 9am appointment with her pedia for her immunization and check-up as well. Gee, I was excited as Dra. Manalo said that Margaux can now start taking solids, but of course it will just be in little amounts. Hmm, what should i prepare? The excited mommy headed off to buy a new bowl and spoon for her as we start her new journey of trying solid foods already.

Wow, these are the excitements of motherhood, of parenthood. I am excited for my baby's development. Now, I've been searching the net, reading books and asking friends on how to do it properly. How time flies so fast! She is not 4months old, next thing i know, she will be celebrating her 1st year bday already (which in fact, I'm starting to prepare as early as now! Call me an OC mom!).

Babies do grow so fast! Wish I can stop the clock so I can just cuddle
her in my arms!!!