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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Isolated from the World!

Did it ever happen to you that you feel so isolated from the world? I did a couple of times already. Yesterday was another one. I felt so alone, no one talk to, no one to rescue me because my cellphone was DEAD! It ran out of battery in the middle of edsa, while I was traversing it. I was calling Dicky as I'm going to ask him as to where will I pick him up. Few rings and I got cut! Grrr! What will I do now? I don't know where should I go. I was so worried that he might be calling me already but my phone was dead.

After few minutes, I opened it again. There you go, one bar na lang! Naghihingalo na ang phone ko! Then it rang! Unknown number but I answered it anyway. It was Dicky. Apparently, his phone was also dead so he used his officemate's cellphone! Why could we not have charged the night before? Pareho pa kami.

To make the story short, he was in Makati so had to go there to pick him up. I had to, cause I was insisting to go on a date! Hehehe, cause I was all made up coming from our make-up class! Yes, I'm on a one month classes re make-up. More of that on my next posts.

Dicky and I were able to meet and dine out in Rockwell. On our way home, Dicky was so anxious for not having a cellphone since lunchtime. He got lots of miss calls, he got lots of people to call and text as well. Business deals are all pending! We are both very anxious to get home so we can charge already our cellphones! Whaahh!

Admittedly, my husband and I are both slaves of our cellphones! That's because of the nature of our jobs. Hmmm, but I came to realize that it isn't because of our nature of jobs but because we have allowed it to happen to us.

Did you remember the times that cellphones are not in existence? People are more relaxed. Though I have to say that cellphones made business more prosperous, made distant people communicate more, okay fine... made life easier but it also makes us more stressful when we forget our phones at home/office, when we are low bat or no bat at all. Because we feel so isolated from the world!


Eileen said...

Hey Jodes, I always make sure I check out your blog. very interesting lagi mga kwento mo. Moral of the story here is, always charge the night before :) oh di kaya, dala ka ng car charger para kahit on the road ka makakapag charge ka diba?

hey, interesting itong make up class mo...kasama mo dito si che-ann ano? dali post mo na kwento about this, interesting ito ah.....