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Friday, August 05, 2005

So many things in my mind!...So many things to do!

Whaa! I've been meaning to post for the past couple of days but i just can't. Lots of work and work and work! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining ha! My clients might read this.

The past few days has been chaotic...i would like to take this month as my rest period since August is really a non-peak month for weddings. I want to recharge myself cause i know how I'll be busy again in the coming months esp that December is fast approaching. I've been looking forward for it actually but there seems to be no stop to the multitude of activities i have to finish and attend to. I have to remind myself again to slow down my pace, that i don't have to pressure myself to finish everything in a day cause there's always a tomorrow. Otherwise, August will just pass without any resting moment for me. (sigh!)

Well, we work to live. It's a fact of life! But it's how we value our jobs, how we put passion into it, how we love it that makes it more worthy for us to live.

So even if there are "so many things in my mind...and so many things to do," I have no regret at all because I value my profession, I'm passionate with my craft and I love the work that I do!


My simple thoughts said...
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My simple thoughts said...

hey, ana here! tama ka sis! no matter how busy we are, we should take time to relax...konting bonding sa family. time flies so fast, kaya very important ang "quality time" with our love ones