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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Blogging Marathon!

It's a sunday, it's my 4th blog post for the day and I miss Dicky already. Good thing I have a daughter to keep me company. Right now, she is still sound asleep. Good thing I have a computer to work on. Good thing I have a blog to jot down things....

I did a blogging marathon this whole sunday afternoon with all the thoughts I want to write. And I'm so HAPPY to update my template! Yipee, I'm learning my way around this blog thingy!

See, I even change my title...from "My Thoughts...My Stories" to "Scribbles of my Life..." I like it better actually. I finally added also the Tag Board. Nainggit ako kay Tina and Ana! But I'm so proud of myself because I was able to figure out where to put it correctly. Also, I added a Daily Cartoon section and a hit counter. There's more, my favorite daily zeitgeist!

Wow, I'm so proud of myself and so proud of my blog now. I know there's more to improve it but this would do for the meantime. Still want to add more links and site...hopefully I can still work on it and continue to have patience.

This blogging thing is so addicting!


My simple thoughts said...

I agree! Nakaka addict nga ang blog :)