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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Barbie Dolls...

are lined up waiting for their turns for a salon make-over. This was during one of the play times with the girls.

What are my girls favorite play/game? They love pretending to be somebody so we always ended up doing the following make-believes:

1. Teacher-Student
2. Doctor - Patient
3. Hairdresser - Client
4. Chef-Waiter-Customer
5. Cashier - Shopper

Really fun to have girls!

Monday, August 02, 2010

She had a haircut...

Margaux loves going with me to the salon. She went with me one time to have her haircut. She enjoyed being pampered in the salon too. From the shampooing, to the haircut and having her hair blow-dried.

I love her cut this time...Was wondering if I do look like her already?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Books for the Girls...

I got a number of books from "Books for Less" the other day. I was so happy to get these since most of these are just worth Php 50! But they are all in good condition. I took those easy reading books that would help in training Margaux to read. The books are really geared for Kindergarten students and there's even a process to follow for the parents in helping their child to read. I think these are good deals from Books for Less. Some are even Dr. Seuss books. I am making it a point to read books to them every night before going to bed. I have actually planned out already the books that they are going to read every week. We have a number in stock so I have no worries...

Monday, July 19, 2010


Thanks to one of my clients for giving this to me! I love combos but I am in South Beach Diet now so I would probably pass this up. The husband and the kids are feasting on it on the other hand.  Speaking of my South Beach Diet, I am on my first day.  Goodluck to me!  I would really like to survive this cycle.  In fact, I am thinking to go on Phase 1 for a minimum of 1 month.  Dieting is really taking its toll on me.  It's hard to lose those stubborn extra pounds and no matter how I don't eat much, it's just there.  Is it because of the age?  Oh well, I hope the SBD could still do the trick.  I'm taking it one step a time.  Will post also my progress. 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

On Sunglasses

This is one of my favorite photos taken in Griffith Park. Obviously, the sun was up so high during our visit there since it was noon time. The kids love wearing sun glasses. And they actually got that fondness from me since I always wear one whenever I am out. Of course this is to protect my eyes since I have been wearing contact lens for years now. And it is important to actually ensure as well that the contact lens I am wearing fits me well. Don't want to be like Lady Gaga on her music video of Bad Romance who was actually wearing huge eyes. I think she should just have gotten her lens from Stahl Eye Center, a known eye center in New York. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Researching on Lasik...

Yes, I have been doing a lot of researching about Lasik as I am highly considering to do have that procedure. Check also what I found out on the internet. You may google USAEyes and find out about "The Best of Ophthalmology...EyeWorld News Magazine" article. is a known patient advocacy organization that conducts a national Lasik results survey to certify select Lasik surgeons. The site actually is full of information for those who have a number of questions about the said procedure.  I am picking out a number of reliable facts from there.  I hope there is something like that in the country today. 

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Priceless Moment...

Call me OA, but yes...I'm sniffing after taking the above picture. 

This is Margaux.  Look how happy she was to see me during one of her dismissal from school!  

Such priceless moment indeed!

He is a hip-hop!

A friend actually asked me to accompany her to look for a gift for her husband. She wanted to check out some men's hip-hop jewelry because that's what her husband prefers. We went around to about two malls without finding any. In fact, what we found out was a Gucci watch for her. It was so funny that she was trying to get something for her husband and all of a sudden, she ended up buying for herself. I actually even prevented her from checking other women's jewelry from another store as it may not be a good idea as well. I'm sure I would also find something nice and I wouldn't want to be placed on that position, lol! 

We were still looking and finally decided to call a friend who is based in New York City.  Apparently, she would be on vacation here in Manila in the next two weeks so it would be a perfect time to bring home a treat in case she finds something from the stores there. But instead, she actually recommended for us to check the site of TranxNYC so we can check how huge is their selection of hip-hop and urban style jewelry.  I was made aware that they do sell a number of pieces suitable for the hip-hop fashion market.  They are actually a  favorite of most hip-hop artists.  Got curious on the site so I also checked it myself.  I must say, they really have nice watches and other jewelries.  Should you actually need something like it, don't forget to look into their site. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's about Lasik!

Have you heard about Stahl Eye Center? Well, learned about it through a friend who recommended to me since she knows I am contemplating to have Lasik procesure. Stahl Eye Center is known to be serving patients for more than 35 years. They are a known center with doctors graduation from top universities in the US. I wish they would set up a clinic in the country as well.

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Margaux's first day in school...

yes, it was a day after Bianca's. She's now a Kinder student. Next year, she would be an official grade schooler already. She went on her first day wearing of course her favorite color, pink! She's a big girl now. I almost can't believe that she no longer a baby (although she would remain to be for me). Apparently, her interests now are different. She likes reading books so much, scribbling and even asks me enormous questions that I sometimes I cannot answer anymore.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Bianca's first day in school...

yesterday. She was pretty excited. I was actually excited too. It's her first day in the big school. I was happy that there were no fuss to enter the gate of their building. But boo, we were late by 10 minutes because it was so traffic on our way to school. I know there should be no excuse but cars were not moving at all. I had to make a detour. I was also happy to get together with the other mommies there as well. It was like a reunion on the first day of school. I was surprised to see one mommy friend not wearing her thick eye glasses anymore. When I asked her, she told me that she has considered Lasik Procedure and even went to the US to have it done. Though it wasn't Dr. Thierry Hufnagel who did the procedure with her, she was telling how happy she was with Stahl Eye Center. I wonder how much it would cost to have Lasik procedure abroad. 

Miss these girls...

It's been a long while since we last saw each other. Though there are  twitter, flickr and blogs to keep us connected to everyone almost everyday. Yes, I mean, we talk almost everyday, share pictures everyday. We weren't able to match our schedules for a christmas get-together and a summer outing. We ended up meeting after few months to celebrate the birthday of June celebrants (I'm actually one of those) and also throwing Joy and Abie a baby shower. It was a quick Sunday afternoon in Conti's greenbelt. We are a growing family, I must say. There are a lot of kids and indeed, they were even noisier than the mommies.

Some pictures...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One thing...

I would really like to do is to have a LASIK procedure. It has been a delayed plan already for almost two years now. I have been making excuses not to have it yet because I am kinda scared. I have been reading a lot about it especially those being offered in the country. I even read about USAEyes, which is a nonprofit organization that provides information about quality assured refractive surgery. Patients can check their website,, and questions can even be posted on their bulletin. Reliable researches both before, during and after surgery can be read also from their site. Now, my plan to go through the procedure has again been revived.  I hope I can really take time to visit the eye centers in the country to seriously consider. 

How Often Should my pet Visit the Vet?

Visits to your vet can be time consuming and costly, and as a result, many individuals visit their veterinarian far less frequently than they should. It's always much better to invest in regular maintenance and preventative care, rather than waiting until an illness is very far along and requires more advanced treatment and more expensive pet meds. But how often, exactly, should you visit the vet?

While there are multiple specific occasions that will call for a visit to the veterinarian's office, a general checkup is called for on an annual basis. Having your dog or cat examined by a vet each year will make sure that your pet is as healthy and as happy as can be. This regular yearly visit can be a great way to catch potentially serious problems while they're still easy to treat.

In addition to this general rule, you will also want to get to your pet doctor's office as soon as possible in some other circumstances. From a prevention standpoint, if your dog is not up to date on vaccinations, then a trip to the vet's office is mandatory. These vaccinations frequently require more than one visit, and often have a scheduled lineup for maximum effectiveness. You will also want to have your pets fully examined immediately after you take ownership of them.

You should take your pets into the doctor if they start displaying strange behavior that is suspicious. This can range from a sudden loss in appetite, unexpected weight gain or loss, sharp changes in mood or behavior, and anything else out of the ordinary. All these may be signs of a much more severe problem.

Even if your pet hasn't displayed any negative behavior or worrisome symptoms, any bite from another animal, ingestion of toxins or unknown materials, or similar exposure to hazardous conditions should prompt a visit to the vet.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The US a nutshell...

I know I haven't blogged much yet about our US Trip. You see, after coming from the vacation, I got so busy in preparing stuff for the start of classes of the kids. And the overwhelming work awaiting for me in my desk was something I have to attend to first as well. It has been a week since we arrived from Los Angeles and life has just started to get back to normal.

But I just have to blog because I want to. I want to remember all those happy memories we had while we were there. It was also to document the trip. It would be for my kids as well. I may not have the memory to recall everything in time so it is for me and our whole family to remember.

The 3 weeks travel was all worth it. It's a much deserved vacation of our family. It was pure bonding for me and the husband and most especially for our kids. We were yaya-less for 3 weeks and I am so proud that we survived it. The husband and I worked as a team.

I'm grateful that my kids were both healthy during our entire stay there. They were in perfect shape. Even our plane rides to and from LA was a breeze. It probably helped that they were bigger already this time and that they have travelled already before so they knew very well how to manage themselves on the plane. I don't even have to tell them to put on their seat belts.

From Manila to LAX, it was just 2 movies and sleeping that made their company. I was also surprised that it was easy for them to sleep on their plane seats. No fuss at all.

They immediately felt at home when we arrived in my sister-in-law's place. It wasn't a concern on them being homesick. The first few days were mostly road trips. They also survived those long trips to Arizona, Las Vegas, Reno, San Francisco and Los Angeles. And amazingly they were comfortable on their car seats, which they were not used to have here in Manila. 

Of course, theme parks were their favorites.   We went to Disneyland, Sea World and Legoland.  The husband and I also went to Universal Studios.  We didn't bring them there anymore since most of the rides are not appropriate for kids.  It was my time to enjoy the Jurassic Park, Mummy Return rides since the last time we were there, I wasn't able to ride on it cause I was pregnant with Bianca. 

My kids enjoyed all these theme parks.  It was a joy to see excitement on their eyes.  They can't contain their happiness.  We were all grateful to experience having a blast as a family.  That I cannot trade off. 

Shopping took place on our last week.  Went to few outlet stores and grabbed great deals.  But it was in Las Vegas where we enjoyed much about shopping too, especially me.  The husband gave me a great surprise! That's different story to tell. I enjoyed shopping for the kids too.  I am happy to find the brands that are not at all available in the country.  

We were so happy as well to reunite with my husband's family.  It was so nice to be with them again.  We missed them so much. 

Indeed, the whole trip was a success.  It was a total fun.  And most importantly, we did it as family. 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Regrets for not going to Sonoma Valley

From our last trip, we failed to go to the known earliest vineyards and wineries in California, which is the Sonoma valley. It was supposed to be part of our itinerary but we weren't able to do so because we got stuck in San Francisco for some shopping. Gee, replaced dining to shopping.  Should never do that again cause now, after coming across the outdora's blog, I regret not going and seeing the place. It would have been great to see some great attractions in there. It would also be great to actually try and dine in the famous restaurants there like Mission Inn's Sante Restaurant and El Dorado Kitchen.

Sonoma chefs are well known for their exclusive recipes. Visitors are actually looking forward to their specialities. For example, in Sante Restaurant which is an award-winning wine country premier dining restaurant, the Grilled Quail with Bing Cherry Compote by Chef Andrew Cain is the most sought after recipe from there. Most are saying that it is perfect for outdoor party especially during summer using a built-in outdoor barbeque grill or any cookware.  From El Dorado Kitchen which is located at the heart of Sonoma and known for its sophisticated ambiance and sumptuous California cuisine, their executive chef, Justin Everett is known to be making the Roasted Tomato, Padron Pepper Grilled Pizza. It's a perfect pizza using the Big Green Egg Smoker grill.  

Now, just talking about all of these recipes, makes me hungry and regret even more for not trying those out there.  Good thing, the recipes can also be found online and thank goodness, Outdora is sharing it to it's readers.  I would just probably find time  to prepare these fresh ingredients and try it myself from our own barbeque grill back home.  I hope to be able to match the taste at least.  Let's see. Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

On the plane...

Look, how behave they were on the plane. It was a long haul straight flight of 13 hours. Good thing, we got the bulk head seats without the need to pay extra since we have requested for it when we booked our tickets. Now, bulk head seats and exit door seats do have payment of $50 each should you want to be assigned there.

The kids just enjoyed watching movies while on board. They watched Princess and the Frog and How to Train your Dragon. In between times, they were just sleeping. They are now used to sleep just sitting down on their seats.  There were pillows and blankets so it was easy and comfortable for them too. I'm so proud of my girls for surviving the flights! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yes, so excited for tomorrow's picnic since we would do some steak grilling in the outdoor kitchen of my brother-in-law's place. We already bought the items we need for tomorrow's dinner. We purchased packs of steaks already from Wal-Mart. We would even grill some salmon so I bet, the husband and I would gain another few pounds. Staying here for a week makes me feel I have gained about more than 5 pounds already. 

It's pretty cold here to where we are so I am pretty sure grilling would be our best option for food. I'm also excited to use the barbecues grills outside the lawn area since it would be very cold tomorrow as predicted from the weather forecast. I have learned that a barbecue grill has been a centerpiece for outdoor entertaining many years back. And today, many homes are still using it and featuring it in their outdoor kitchens. 

How I wish I can bring home a grill since we also love to entertain guests in our lawn area back home. To more about different kinds of grills, you may click here.  Should I be considering buying an outdoor grill, I should also consider our outdoor space and how often do we really like to do grilling.  Should I bring one with me or should we have it shipped, we might as well consider those portable grills instead.  Eventually, should we push through with our decision to build a pool in our lawn area, a complete outdoor kitchen should also be in place.  Oh well, for the meantime, will just enjoy the steaks that we would prepare tomorrow! 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gaming Online

Every fantasy you have ever had could be fulfilled with fun games like Heist Online, or Jewel Quest, where you have the opportunity to be the craven looter or the police officer you've always wanted to be! Online games allow you to live a rich fantasy life, and meet new people from across the globe who share your interests. For these reasons, online gaming has become exponentially more popular each year.

Allow yourself to spend a few hours on a planet where aliens use humans as fuel and you are the only one who can save the race. Envision yourself as a brain-hungry zombie that wants to consume the remaining population of healthy people. You could be the zombie one day, and the zombie hunter the next, playing great games like Plants vs. Zombies! Online games are so much fun that you may never want to leave home, again!

If you enjoy action-packed films like Sherlock Holmes, then you will love games like Midnight Mysteries — The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy. Whatever your interests are, there are games that will enchant you on great online game sites. Even the nerdiest types can find games like BookWorm Deluxe to keep them entertained on those long, boring summer days.

More typical games, like Vegas Solitaire, can provide everyone a new venue for an old pleasure. Play the classics like Chess, Mah Jong, and word scramble games, without ever leaving home. The greatest part of playing games online is that you needn't invite over a houseful of friends to enjoy a variety of players: you can simply log-on and play your favorite games with strangers. Or, if you prefer, you can arrange to meet your friends on a website to play games together. So, whether you enjoy new games, or the classics your grandparents know, you can find entertainment and fun online!

One week has passed...

Before I continue reading about the benefits of USAEyes, like  The USAEyes website complies with the Health On The Net code standard for trustworthy health information and that USAEyes has been cited in Newsweek, US News & World Report, CBS News, National Public Radio, NBC Nightly News, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fox News, Associated Press, MSNBC, and Oprah which I reviewed from the site of, let me share that we have spent one whole week already and we have gone to different cities already.  We landed in LA and went straight to Temecula.  2 days after,  we travelled to Arizona and stayed there for a night.   We then moved to Las Vegas and stayed there for 2 nights.  It's been hours of road trip but we are enjoying it so much because of the beautiful sceneries.  Proud that the kids can stand the long hours of travel just seated in their car seats.  We are now in Reno after staying 1 night in San Francisco.  We would then go back to Temecula next week and it would be theme parks week for our next adventure.  We would then have our last week dedicated for shopping.   I can't wait for that week.  And since we felt short changed with our travel in Las Vegas, we decided to book another 3 days there.  What is more exciting is that I would be spending my birthday there! This is definitely a good vacation. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 bags...

packed...2 more to go!

I thought we would just be bringing 3 luggage but decided to bring 4 instead so we could have more space to put shopping loots!

Woohoo! Excited!

We are flying to US tomorrow night. This is the much awaited vacation.

Will be back with lots of stories and pictures overload!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do you know your Precinct?

Pretty sure you are already preparing for your candidates to vote. But do you know already your precinct number? You can find out if you are still registered by checking this site.

Go out and vote wisely on Monday, May 10.  The future of our nation is in our hands. Exercise our right to choose the right leaders for our country.  

There is still hope if we do our part as a good citizen of this nation.  

Friday, April 23, 2010

American Idol Season 9

My bet to win the finale...

He's like a combination of David Cook and Kris of both: Acoustic Rocker!!!

Way to go Lee Dewyze!

Summer Class...

for the kids = NONE!!! Hahaha, I'm such a good mom right? Oh well, the husband doesn't want them to go for swimming lessons anymore since they really might get dark. Not a nice sight to behold when we go to the US. I enrolled them to Trumpets in Podium beforehand but I have to retrieved back the fees since they really cannot finish the entire summer class. The culminating activity, their stage play is actually going to be shown my mid-May. So we won't be here anymore.  Instead of going on any summer class, they are just enjoying non-stop watching TV, DVDs, eating and just lazing around our house. I must say, I have saved few thousands because of it. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beach, Beach, Beach...

Too bad, no beach for us this summer. But would really love to go to one soon...

You Should Spend Your Summer at the Beach

You're a free spirit who is always thinking of new ways to have fun.

And you don't just love summer... you live for it.

So, you really should blow off your responsibilities and head to the beach!

For truck lovers...

Should you need a ladder rack like this, no other store offers a number of options than They do have all kinds of truck accessories to enhance and upgrade your vehicle. They do have truck bed cover. They also offer car covers. Should you also need bug shields especially if you are on long road trips, you can order from them online as well.  Even vent visors, chrome door handles and grilles are available.  I'm sure my uncle who loves trucks would like this site.  He really loves enhancing the look of his pic up truck. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Part of Itinerary...

Pathetic as you may say, but I am wishing that our trip to Los Angeles can include meeting a world renowned Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon. lol! Oh well, it is not that I am interested with those beverly hills liposuction but I just wanted to see the famous clinics of the popular Beverly Hills plastic surgery center. Rodeo Drive is one of the places we would visit in California. It is indeed part of our itinerary as I am still wishing I can bring home something from there (wink!) I am curious as well as to where is the exact location of this popular clinic. Based on my reviews and readings, they have built and maintained a very elegant office that is sure to be in standards of rodeo drive elegance.  It would be nice to peek at their state-of-the-art facilities which has been fully certified by government agencies.  You will be surprised to know that they are almost frequently featured on television and radio, even for magazines and newspapers.  And most of their patients are really not just from California but from all over the world.  

Their centers are known to provide excellent and beautiful designs.  They use materials that are very welcoming like stone, bamboo, glass, marble and steel.  I'm sure the inside would be a pleasing environment.  As I have read, they also have many fine pieces of art for showcase which they actually feature even on events or exhibits.  I have taken note of its address since it is just located at North Rodeo Drive in the Second Floor of The Terrance Level.  I would love to have a picture of myself in front of their office.  Something that I am just writing about would be something that I could see myself soon.  That would truly be wonderful. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Counting the days...

It is just exactly a month from now, we are just counting the days. We are all excited. After a day of landing in LA, we would already proceed to Grand Canyon and then to one of my favorite destinations, Vegas! I am pretty sure it all about munching around for our stay there as we hop from one hotel to another for their buffet lunch or dinner. Aside from that, planning to watch few of the shows there like the one from Cirque de Soleil. It would be great to also try riding a Las Vegas limo. I know of a popular and highly recognized limo company in Las Vegas. They are known for very good customer service. They have variety of vehicles available for fleet. Whether you want a newer model or would you like to try their vintage class, they are the go to company for Las Vegas Limousines that even celebrities do use.  Wonder if we would have time to try this out.  On the other hand, I would just be happy to walk around Vegas as well.  I look forward to seeing new hotels and  I'm pretty sure I would be happy as well to see my favorite brands just around the corner.  I would try my best to be good while I'm there!  lol! 

It's been a year...

Yes, we are almost celebrating our 1st year in our dream house. It's our first year of celebrating happy memories from what we have built in our home.   The kids love our area. We adore our location being near to other major cities.  I love our community. The amenities inside the village is just superb. In fact, I have recommended to few friends and I'm glad that one of our closest friends is able to get a property next to our street. They are already building their dream house as well and we are very happy for them. In just few months, they are moving close to us already and we are excited. My friend is already asking me to assist them during their move. I told her to start packing those unnecessary items on their current place and probably just let go of it. But she's a very sentimental person like me that she would probably keep most of the items. Now, she is actually checking some self storage companies available from the net. She was able to compare some companies already based on what is available on her local area. She started reserving for few space for her boxes already.  In no time, we would be neighbors!  I can't wait!

Ten Commandments of Health

Got this text message this morning...

1.  Less Meats More Vegetables
2.  Less Salt More Vinegar
3.  Less Sweets More Fruits
4.  Less Eats More Chews
5.  Less Clothes More Bathes
6.  Less Talks More Deeds
7.  Less Desires More Sharing
8.  Less Worries More Sleeps
9.  Less Rides More Walks
10.  Less Anger More Laughs

Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to School...

Yes, summer has just started but in no time, students would be back to school already in few weeks. I wonder where to get cheap textbooks? This is for my cousin who is studying in college already. Helping him find some used textbooks for sale. He would still get the list of textbooks that he needs when enrollment starts in two weeks time. Apparently, he is taking up BS Biology, as he plans to pursue being a doctor so I could imagine the number of books he requires. I have checked the internet and learned that he can actually get a number of titles for sale from the net. All he needs is to search for the specific title of book he may need or he may even search by subject or by author of the book.  It would direct you to a number of stores that sells 2nd hand books.  I promise to help him with it as I really support him on this endeavor to become a doctor.  I would have to tell him that college textbooks do sell fast so we really have to search and buy early per semester.  Should you also need one, do check out the site.  I'm sure you would find what you need. 

For a collateral...

A friend who works in a financial institution mentioned about a Collateral loan which we can avail. Actually, she is offering it for us. Although, we are not really in need of such, it would be nice to share what it is all about.  We could use the existing car titles we have for this kind of loan called car title loans. This is somehow the same with those car title loans Los Angeles. It is like a secured loan that let you borrow money using a property as a collateral. You can use a piece of land, pink slip of car, truck or van to get the value of your loanable amount. It is somehow a kind of loan that you will need especially for emergency or immediate requirement. This kind of loan can be paid based on agreed monthly installments of over period of 36 months. If payment has not been made, there is a chance that the property or whatever car title you have put as collateral would be repossessed.  Getting into something like this should be given careful thought and consideration.  You do not want to come into terms which something that would put you in a more terrible case of losing all properties.  I guess reviewing your family's income and plotting your monthly expense would give you an overview on how much you've got each month.  Should it be enough and you really do not need any for emergency case, do not put yourself into a more problem matter later on.  Well, just my thoughts.  

Saturday, April 03, 2010

5 years in blogging!

I have been blogging for 5 years already. Can you believe that? It started as journal about my kids and then I also blogged about myself, our family. I even shared most of my plans, emotions and everything under the sun. I eventually learned how to earn through blogging and it lead me to handle multiple blogs even. Yes, in most cases, I am multi-tasking. Now, a friend is even inviting me for adsense revenue sharing site. It is about writing an article, sharing it in the world wide web community and getting paid for the advertising revenue. Quite a handful of workload so I am not sure if I am up for such opportunity but my friend said you get a whooping 80% of the advertising revenue which others don't actually offer. Would still have to learn my ways into it.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Margaux!

She turns 5 exactly today! It's all over my blogs. I wrote a short letter for her here. I just can't stop the time for moving on but she would definitely be my baby forever.  Just savoring each moment with her.  I hope she would grow up as a very fine lady and that she would remain sweet as always. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Safety Gears...

Should you need 3M Peltor ear muffs, Legion Safety is the right supplier for such. They have all the necessary safety gears that includes arc flash clothing, work gloves, respirators, high visibility vests that are all recognized with safety standards. Everything can be bought from their site. They can even accept credit cards. Check them out.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Princess is turning 5!

Yes, Margaux is turning 5 already by end of the month! She has been growing to become a very pretty young lady. She prefers wearing dresses now that the usual jeans and shirts outfit. She also loves her hair to be well-groomed all the time. I think, she's getting most of these characters from me. So vain! lol!

She recently had her advance birthday party in school. We had to do it like 15-days in advance since their last day was last Tuesday. Yes, they are officially on summer break. We would have a simple get together with other kids in the neighborhood in time for her birthday. I am hoping to book the clubhouse in our area.

She was all pretty in pink (which is her fave color) during her party in school...

Insurance Quest...

We are currently on insurance quest. The husband has been bugging me to review already the number of proposals we got from different agencies including the one from Anthem Tonik. We are not only considering increasing and getting new life insurance for me and the husband but also to increase our coverage for health insurance. I believe the above mentioned insurance covers obama blue cross health insurance that is why we are carefully reviewing it as well. We want to get a health insurance that has a network of doctors and even hospitals that stretches from coast to coast. Any factors I should still consider on this matter?  I hope we could arrive at the right choice. 

Loot Bags nowadays...

The above is Margaux's loot box for her simple party in school last monday. Yes, nowadays, loot bags are not just ordinary plastic bags but as beautiful as this one, it is a loot box already. Saw it from a party of a friend before and I love the idea that kids can use it to put on their toys. Well, souvenirs really matter even if its just for birthday parties of kids like this. A day after, Margaux received additional nice gifts from classmates, lol! 

It's basically the same thing when companies are looking for imprinted promotional product . You see, companies need to get noticed and create impact for their customers so they can properly promote their products and services. Should you be needing one like those imprinted mugs or promotional key chain , would have the best options. They do have all kinds of items you can think of to imprint a company's logo or name. They do have totes, caps, even personal care and gadgets. Name it, they have it all. Plus, they guarantee to have the best price and quality in printing. What's best, you can even order from them online and be assured of their timely delivery schedule. I should keep in mind this company as I am definitely getting them for the holiday seasons.  

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Margaux's Birthday Cake...

Obviously, her birthday theme is Disney Princess. It was for her advance birthday party in school last monday.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Car Title Loans?

Two of my cousins are currently selling their cars and we were talking about pink slip loans. Do you know what it is? It is about the different collateral loans that even includes car title loans. My cousins were selling their cars cause they need to use the money for something else. One is actually getting married soon. The other one would need it for their business. So we were discussing how they can actually use the title of their cars to get money out of it. One of my cousins recommended that there are servicing companies like this which actually provides loans without surrendering your car. You can actually keep and drive your vehicle as long as it has a minimum wholesale value of $5000. I heard a company would only require the original notarized title of the car, the car registration, copy of driver's license, social security card and recent paycheck stubs. The car must have comprehensive insurance as well. They would also review your entire home bill including cellphone and utility bills.  It is actually a good option in case you really need cash for some immediate requirement or emergency.  Now, my cousins are actually exploring that option instead of just selling their cars.  It's a better option I think. 

Saturday, March 06, 2010

He loves cars!

Looks like the husband is sure to get a new vehicle already. I know he have shelved the plan last year. But he said, he really want to push through with it already after our major trip. Well, my husband realy loves cars to begin with. In fact, he hasn't really decided on what to get and might even consider a used bmw car since that's one of his dreams. He is not shelving the idea of checking used cars. He was telling me about site based in UK where you can find good condition used ford cars, used volkswagen carsused vauxhall and even used mini. Let's see what he would end up with but I would love him to check an SUV instead ;)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Help for a Friend...

A friend is actually asking for reference for some seniors housing Seattle. They need assistance for their grandfather who have been diagnozed with Alzeimer's Disease. I can imagine how hard it could be for them to be in such situation. They really would want to help their grandfather but they also need assistance on how to manage him. My friend have been making a lot of research about the disease as well and I know that her family can only do much. They still need support and assistance. I told her that she can try to check local community boards as well for information as I am sure there would be. Although I know there is a website which collects information on senior housing providers across America. I saw somehow that they do have options and providers listed on the following: for adult family home, residential care, alzheimer's living, independent living, skilled nursing, and of course nursing home. I think they have a good list of seniors housing New York as well seniors housing in Los Angeles so I am pretty sure there's also data for Seattle.

Monday, March 01, 2010


on this...

Carbonara with Pineapple Juice

Cheating on my no-carbs diet! lol! 

Back to 24...

Husband got hold of the complete season 7 of TV Series 24, starring Keifer Sutherland as Jack Bauer. I was so happy. We started the series last night and we just watched about 3 episodes as it was already 1am. It has been our regular date night watching this series but we stopped after we failed to get hold of the full season's series. Finally, it was out in the market. We were again on top of our feet as we watched it by the minute. We have always been a fan. Whether the shows themes are about kidnappings, bomb threats, personal vendettas, asssinations or terrorist attacks, the themes are handled in such a compelling way that the viewer is hooked at every jump and turn. I heard that they actually blew away a number of vehicles in the set that includes trucks.  Talking about trucks, husband was telling me about this  truck bed cover that is priced at $300.  He talks about his friend who actually bought the Access tonno sports which actually offers more benefit and features.  Hmm, I wonder if he is also interested to get a pick-up truck? 

Blogging for years now...

Yes, I have been blogging for close to 5 years now and I would say that it has been a regular activity for me eversince. Although I am guilty for not being able to update as often as I would like to, I still manage to write senseful stories in my blogs. I am also proud that I also gained a number of blogging friends because of this actibity. A cousin of mine based in Texas is actually asking for my help on how to start a blog. I actually told her that it wasn't an easy 1-2-3 to create one. I told her that is she is going to make it a regular habit to blog to get noticed and earn few dollars as well, she might consider getting a good domain name, create a nice theme for her blog and use Wordpress as her flatform. I told her to check Austin wordpress expert who has been developing beautiful and high-ranking sites that are accepted and recognizable by San Antonio Search Engive Optimizations. The SEO is actually needed to increase PR ranking. I actually do not know much about such but I just manage to keep my blog afloat by regularly postings and also hopping to other sites.  I am making a tutorial for her now.  I hope she gets to understand it correctly.  

Winter Olympics Closing

Did you see the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics? I was amazed with the great ceremony they held. I love those special effects that they used like the streamers and those confetti cannons like those wedding confetti that we use here. United States was the lead in terms of the total medals of 37. But Canada got 14 Golds out of its total 26 medals. It was a sweeping win for Canada on the finals of the ice hockey game. Germany is second with total of 30 medals, 10 of which was gold. Everyone is looking forward to the Winter Olympics in London in 2012. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valentine's Gift

The husband have been enjoying the use of his new iPhone. In fact, he was even asking me to check for him a bluetooth set like those of Plantronics Headsets. He said that could pass as a belated Valentine's gift for him. I know I can order for him online from HeadSetHome, which is a distributor of all kinds of headsets for mobile, bluetooth, residential, commercial and even aviation. Now as a return gift for the flowers he gave me last valetine's day, I might get him the
Plantronics Voyager. I just hope there would be no glitches with my order.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am an Event Planner...

This was tagged to me in Facebook. I so love it! It is so me when working. It talks about the gazillion things I think about when we have events.  In other words, STRESS!  but I love my job to bits!!! If you still don't know what I do, read on...And yes, I am an Event Planner... ;)

I am an Event Manager...

I have unlimited resources at my disposal.

I always keep at least 10 meeting rooms under my desk.

I can make any of my rooms larger or smaller, depending on your program needs.

I will naturally remove any supporting pillars from your meeting space and will install windows in every room as needed.

Unfortunately the 'ocean view' is not scheduled to arrive until Day Two of the program for which I sincerely apologise;

however, I will move the convention centre two feet to the left to accommodate your request by the
end of Day One, although I realize the event is only next week.

I can only throw myself on your mercy and grovel at your feet; I completely agree that it is inconceivable that we should have any other groups booked into the hotel during our event.

And the additional breakout rooms you asked for this morning for tomorrow's conference will be added to the hotel by the end of today.

Naturally it will be no problem to turn the plenary session for 200 (classroom style) into a hollow square for 300 with rear screen projection, simultaneous Japanese translation and satellite hook-up during the 15-minute coffee break.

Unfortunately, due to space constraints, and the fact that the final program bears no resemblance whatsoever to the initial program that we contracted the space under, I'll have to suspend the lunch buffet from the ceiling above the plenary session, then suck the gravity out of the ballroom - not a

I've located the boxes that the sponsors sent last month under their mother's maiden name to the other hotel down the street, and again I apologize for not having found them sooner.

In answer to all your questions, it is of course, understood that I am telepathically aware of all your speakers needs and I'll set up an overhead, LCD panel, dual slide projectors, two screens, laser pointer, podium microphones, two table top microphones, podium knock-out switch, timer and
blue M&Ms in each room, which I've negotiated at no extra charge, just in case they are needed.

Additionally it goes without saying that an A/V technician, engineer, baby-sitter and I will be underneath your head table for the duration of your event, in case you need anything else.

It has been great working with you on this event and every other just like it and I can't wait for the next one!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yes, biking within our own premise is my dear Margaux's favorite past-time the past few days. I am amazed as to how she has managed to learn on her own. No one actually taught her! I'm really suprised! She used to have those two small wheels as balancer. One Sunday afternoon, she asked her dad to removed it already and said she already knows how to ride the bike without those. Indeed, she can...

(Talo pa ako!) I don't know how to ride a bike, except if it is with sidecar! lol! :p

Friday, February 05, 2010


Oh I failed to blog about this. The kids were ecstatic when they received this gift from my friend AA. Bianca most especially love to play with the rabbits. She would bring them out in our garden every morning and afternoon. Margaux would feed them morning, lunch and dinner. They were very happy with these pets.

Unfortunately, they didn't last...sad :-(

We didn't actually know the reason why they died. It just happened! One morning when we woke up, they were both very gloomy. The day didn't end for them. The kids were sad.

I wonder how to take proper care of these creatures because the kids want us to get new rabbits again but I'm already hesitant.


Thursday, February 04, 2010

I'm a fan...

already of this guy! He has been gracing our events for a couple of times already and I just love his voice! He's not a snob at all and would always be willing to take a pose with us during events.

I got the chance to also witness a performance of Gary Valenciano for two consecutive events last month of January. I must say, he is really Mr. Pure Energy. But poor me, didn't get a chance to have a picture with him :-(

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another one...

I would be a god mother for another cute baby boy this coming week. I just become one actually last weekend. It would be a growing list again for my christmas shopping this year. Now, I am on the lookout again for the perfect baptism gift. I came across online about the infant travel bed. I think this Eddie Bauer Travel System is a nice gift option especially to a frequet travelled family. It is very light weight and has a collapsible frame which is on-the-go stuff to bring when travelling either for just a stroll in the mall or an extended travel.  It even comes along with a diaper changing comfort. If you are worried as to where to put those extra diapers, washing soap and creams, the large storage pockets located at the side provides added benefit. It is actually on a good deal currently from the site of the Baby Safe Travel. And it even comes with soft toys, padded bottom and sides as well as a fitted sheet. And oh by the way, it is so handy becomes it comes with a strap.   Now I am thinking if I should get it already or not.  My only concern is that my godchild might outgrow the item right away since I heard from the mom that he's a pretty big boy.  The travel bed is actually suited for newborn babies up to 6 months.  

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Don't you just love Facebook because you get the chance to reconnect with friends? I do! I really love the fact that I have reunited with most of my long lost friends. Last December, got the chance to bond again with my high school friends. Our 2nd get together in two months. This time, my very good friend Tiny-, way back in 1st year high school (who happens to be the wife now of Paco Arespacochaga) was in town and another dear friend Amor is leaving the country to get married in the US.

We reminisced good times together. Those lousy moments we've had and how pathetic we could be back then. All were for good laughs.

It's just a happy thought to be with your old-time friends!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My pink cadillar means...

You Are Totally Fun

If you were a car, you would be unique and eye catching. You've got flair!

When it comes to the road of life, you're doing your own thing and going your own speed.

You enjoy driving when you're in the mood. You also like being the passenger too.

You've got the personality best suited for a road trip - especially if you're allowed to take side roads.