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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yes, so excited for tomorrow's picnic since we would do some steak grilling in the outdoor kitchen of my brother-in-law's place. We already bought the items we need for tomorrow's dinner. We purchased packs of steaks already from Wal-Mart. We would even grill some salmon so I bet, the husband and I would gain another few pounds. Staying here for a week makes me feel I have gained about more than 5 pounds already. 

It's pretty cold here to where we are so I am pretty sure grilling would be our best option for food. I'm also excited to use the barbecues grills outside the lawn area since it would be very cold tomorrow as predicted from the weather forecast. I have learned that a barbecue grill has been a centerpiece for outdoor entertaining many years back. And today, many homes are still using it and featuring it in their outdoor kitchens. 

How I wish I can bring home a grill since we also love to entertain guests in our lawn area back home. To more about different kinds of grills, you may click here.  Should I be considering buying an outdoor grill, I should also consider our outdoor space and how often do we really like to do grilling.  Should I bring one with me or should we have it shipped, we might as well consider those portable grills instead.  Eventually, should we push through with our decision to build a pool in our lawn area, a complete outdoor kitchen should also be in place.  Oh well, for the meantime, will just enjoy the steaks that we would prepare tomorrow! 


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