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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

He is a hip-hop!

A friend actually asked me to accompany her to look for a gift for her husband. She wanted to check out some men's hip-hop jewelry because that's what her husband prefers. We went around to about two malls without finding any. In fact, what we found out was a Gucci watch for her. It was so funny that she was trying to get something for her husband and all of a sudden, she ended up buying for herself. I actually even prevented her from checking other women's jewelry from another store as it may not be a good idea as well. I'm sure I would also find something nice and I wouldn't want to be placed on that position, lol! 

We were still looking and finally decided to call a friend who is based in New York City.  Apparently, she would be on vacation here in Manila in the next two weeks so it would be a perfect time to bring home a treat in case she finds something from the stores there. But instead, she actually recommended for us to check the site of TranxNYC so we can check how huge is their selection of hip-hop and urban style jewelry.  I was made aware that they do sell a number of pieces suitable for the hip-hop fashion market.  They are actually a  favorite of most hip-hop artists.  Got curious on the site so I also checked it myself.  I must say, they really have nice watches and other jewelries.  Should you actually need something like it, don't forget to look into their site.