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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Don't you just love Facebook because you get the chance to reconnect with friends? I do! I really love the fact that I have reunited with most of my long lost friends. Last December, got the chance to bond again with my high school friends. Our 2nd get together in two months. This time, my very good friend Tiny-, way back in 1st year high school (who happens to be the wife now of Paco Arespacochaga) was in town and another dear friend Amor is leaving the country to get married in the US.

We reminisced good times together. Those lousy moments we've had and how pathetic we could be back then. All were for good laughs.

It's just a happy thought to be with your old-time friends!


Paco Arespacochaga said...

Until next time Jody!

paco arespacochaga