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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another one...

I would be a god mother for another cute baby boy this coming week. I just become one actually last weekend. It would be a growing list again for my christmas shopping this year. Now, I am on the lookout again for the perfect baptism gift. I came across online about the infant travel bed. I think this Eddie Bauer Travel System is a nice gift option especially to a frequet travelled family. It is very light weight and has a collapsible frame which is on-the-go stuff to bring when travelling either for just a stroll in the mall or an extended travel.  It even comes along with a diaper changing comfort. If you are worried as to where to put those extra diapers, washing soap and creams, the large storage pockets located at the side provides added benefit. It is actually on a good deal currently from the site of the Baby Safe Travel. And it even comes with soft toys, padded bottom and sides as well as a fitted sheet. And oh by the way, it is so handy becomes it comes with a strap.   Now I am thinking if I should get it already or not.  My only concern is that my godchild might outgrow the item right away since I heard from the mom that he's a pretty big boy.  The travel bed is actually suited for newborn babies up to 6 months.