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Friday, April 23, 2010

Summer Class...

for the kids = NONE!!! Hahaha, I'm such a good mom right? Oh well, the husband doesn't want them to go for swimming lessons anymore since they really might get dark. Not a nice sight to behold when we go to the US. I enrolled them to Trumpets in Podium beforehand but I have to retrieved back the fees since they really cannot finish the entire summer class. The culminating activity, their stage play is actually going to be shown my mid-May. So we won't be here anymore.  Instead of going on any summer class, they are just enjoying non-stop watching TV, DVDs, eating and just lazing around our house. I must say, I have saved few thousands because of it. 


mm said...

uy sayang i enrolled mika sa trumpets bka naging classmate sana sila, grabe nga ang aga nun play nila naloka ako 8am haha i hope d kme ma late, enjoy nalng ur US tour=)