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Monday, April 19, 2010

Part of Itinerary...

Pathetic as you may say, but I am wishing that our trip to Los Angeles can include meeting a world renowned Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon. lol! Oh well, it is not that I am interested with those beverly hills liposuction but I just wanted to see the famous clinics of the popular Beverly Hills plastic surgery center. Rodeo Drive is one of the places we would visit in California. It is indeed part of our itinerary as I am still wishing I can bring home something from there (wink!) I am curious as well as to where is the exact location of this popular clinic. Based on my reviews and readings, they have built and maintained a very elegant office that is sure to be in standards of rodeo drive elegance.  It would be nice to peek at their state-of-the-art facilities which has been fully certified by government agencies.  You will be surprised to know that they are almost frequently featured on television and radio, even for magazines and newspapers.  And most of their patients are really not just from California but from all over the world.  

Their centers are known to provide excellent and beautiful designs.  They use materials that are very welcoming like stone, bamboo, glass, marble and steel.  I'm sure the inside would be a pleasing environment.  As I have read, they also have many fine pieces of art for showcase which they actually feature even on events or exhibits.  I have taken note of its address since it is just located at North Rodeo Drive in the Second Floor of The Terrance Level.  I would love to have a picture of myself in front of their office.  Something that I am just writing about would be something that I could see myself soon.  That would truly be wonderful.