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Friday, February 05, 2010


Oh I failed to blog about this. The kids were ecstatic when they received this gift from my friend AA. Bianca most especially love to play with the rabbits. She would bring them out in our garden every morning and afternoon. Margaux would feed them morning, lunch and dinner. They were very happy with these pets.

Unfortunately, they didn't last...sad :-(

We didn't actually know the reason why they died. It just happened! One morning when we woke up, they were both very gloomy. The day didn't end for them. The kids were sad.

I wonder how to take proper care of these creatures because the kids want us to get new rabbits again but I'm already hesitant.



abie said...

mare si bela may rabbit. feed lang namin lagi eh (takaw kse halos buong araw, kain lang ng kain). Sabi din tito ko wag namin masyado bigyan ng water.

ganon lang gawa namin eh. minsan nga pag naubusan food, sa gabi na sya nakaka eat (bad pet owners.) nov pa yun eh, hangang ngayon naman ok pa and ang laki na