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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Coins anyone?

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas declared a scarcity of coins. They are being audited to billions of coins that are not in circulation in our country today. Well, Pinoys are just damned good in saving...saving coins in the coinbank! hehehe...and we are one of those!

We recently opened a coin bank which we got during my baby shower from one of my egroup family. It has been a tradition to every baby shower, that a coin bank will be presented as the first of our babies. Margaux was not spared from that tradition and we were delighted to receive then our princess coinbank.

We started saving on it last February and have to open it early December cause it's already full. Look how much we've got...i enjoyed counting the P5 and P10 coins.

We also opened another's our own blue piggy bank...margaux posed for a picture with a hefty P5,620!


Leah said...

hey jody! ako rin guilty of robbing the central bank of its coins! hahaha!!! i have not opened my coin bank yet although it is getting to be too heavy to lift na. maybe after xmas na. xmas gift ko sa sarili ko. ;)

Joanne and Rene said...

kakaaliw kasi to save sa piggybank. my mom also saves 10 peso coins and like you she counts them december time just right before christmas shopping.

Emi said...

hehehe! kami rin ni riki guilty. he bought a coinbank the moment we learned i'm pregnant, and had been dropping all 5 and 10 peso coins in there till now. we promise to open Evan his own bank account in January and...start on a new piggybank! mwehehe! :)

Kevin said...

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I'd appreciate anyone with good website information sites to let me know by posting replies to this comment.

Kevin said...

Hi collectors.
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I see one was advertised on auction at in Feb this year. (Posted on the blog at Mandela Gold Coin .
They were expecting $2700 for it - a little rich for me.
If you have a decent source of coins or info on stuff like rare coin collecting ,
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