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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Margaux is growing!

By Friday, Sept 30, Margaux is already 6months old! How time flies so fast!

Pressure now, as I really need to prepare for her upcoming 1st bday party. I don't want to cram cause it is just around the corner. I need to have the budget approved by the CFO (Chief Financial Officer), none other than my loving husband. (babes, if you are reading this, hehehe, halatang sipsip ano?)

Need to make a budget planner so I won't go overboard. Wish, wish, wish! Dami kong wish for her 1st bday celebration!


Mickee said...

laki na nga ni Margaux! Hinay-hinay lang po sa birthday preps at baka maging parang debut ang celebration ha... :)