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Monday, September 12, 2005


Talking about Margaux, she has another milestones...sleeping in her stomach and holding her bottle when feeding!!!

I mentioned before that she rarely rolls over. But since last week, I'm a proud mamma because wala namang tigil ang pag-dapa. Until last friday, nakatulog na sya to that position. Before kasi, she really doesn't really like that position.

Then we were teaching her also how to hold her bottle when feeding. We're teaching her how to put the nipple into her mouth. She needs guidance pa but I think we're getting at it.

Another accomplishment, finally had time to get the edited video of Margaux's baptism last friday from Ariel Javelosa. Parang nag-debut si Margaux sa mga kuha!

We will be proud to show it to her when she grows up...we want to document every phase of her life...her much we love her.

I'm so happy to accomplish this one thing that has been sitting in my To Do list for almost 2 months already!...that is applying for a Passport for Margaux!

Yesterday, we submitted already all the documents needed to the agency who is going to process it. It took me some time to complete the docs because I waited for the authenticated birth certificate from NSO. We also had Margaux's passport picture just last week.

Hay finally it's done! Just have to pick it up after 2wks. Are we leaving or travelling?...Hmmm, still thinking. The passport is valid for 5years anyway!


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