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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Amazing Race Asia Finale

I was ecstatic when Marc and Rovilson were running first but my heart fell when Collin (Singaporean) came and seemed so sure in what he's doing about the flags. Team Philippines came in 3rd. I felt sad. Parang the finale was so bitin! I can't believe that it was the pitstop already after the roadblock. I want more!

But Marc and Rovilson really did an amazing race! They did their best. They were not quarelling, they have strategies and really came prepared for the race. They were so cool! Love them.

And I was so touched when they were running to the pitstop carrying a Philippine Flag, makes you a proud Pinoy!

Go Tara2! Go Team Philppines! You raced amazingly!

And I still heart Marc Nelson! (hahahah, love ko na sya!) I heard his dating na Natasha now!!


Unknown said...

is it natasha or paula?