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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Amazing Race Asia

Is there any news if Marc and Rovilson bagged the final leg? I wonder. I'm really looking forward to watch the finale. Too bad, they weren't able to get the Fast Forward last episode. They miss the count of the bars in the bridge with just 1.

They are racing wisely. I so like both of them! And I heart, Marc Nelson! Hahaha.


MGY said...


Nakaka tense! I didn't watch the last two episodes. I usually watch it on sundays pero friday pa lang binabasa ko na yung synopsis sa site.

I want the dancing mom out!

Jody said...

Hi Mel! I didn't get to watch also nung weekday, kahapon ko lang napanood. Oh, gosh, my heart fell when the Singaporeans got the fast forward.
And yes, I agree, I also want the dancing moms out. But don't you wonder why the singaporeans have the commercial of sony bravia na? Baka sila na ang nanalo!!!! waahhh!!

Jesse Pega said...

Hi Jody! I am also a TARA2 fanatic! I wanted so much for Marc & Rovilson to win coz they're really good. However, lately, i've noticed they became more relax in the race maybe because they've been no.1 so many times. But the singaporeans are taking advantage of this that's why they were able to grab the 1st post twice already. But, I still believe in the Phil. Team. I know they can make it and I have a feeling they won the race :) Go Phil! (P.S. I also want the dancing mumcs OUT)

CHAT said...

Jody, i also wanted marc and rovilson to win. are they dating pamela and vanessa? i'm looking for a spoiler kasi i can't wait to see who wins.

abie said...

Hi Jody,

Naku ako din super addict at super love ang TARA2. We always have to go home early every Thursday to watch it. I super, super heart Marc....hehehe. And super inis ako sa dancing moms, ang yayabang, lalo na yung diane...

Di ko nga alam kung sino nanalo eh. Pero madalas na makita ng mga officemate ko sila Marc & Rovilson sa Makati area.

I'm wondering nga din bakit may commercial na sila Adrian & Collin. Sila kaya nanalo?...huhuhu...wag naman sana. Can't wait to see the next leg tomorrow.