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Monday, March 31, 2008

Margaux for Big School?

We already went to Miriam College Child Study Center last wednesday to apply Margaux for First Step this coming June. We submitted the requirements and we were asked to go back the following day for her interview. We had a tour of the whole school facilities. Dicky and I were very happy of what we saw. They have a vast area for the students in CSC. The First Step class where Margaux will belong has a big play area with sand bars and a treehouse. They have their own library and chapel. What's good about it also is that they are separated from the Grade School Building so it is really not so crampped especially during drop-off and pick-up time of the students. The Principal was the one who toured us and was very pleasant in convincing us to enroll Margaux there this schoolyear.

We went back the following day for the interview. I was not allowed to come in but since Margaux doesn't really want to enter the guidance counsellor's room, she allowed the yaya to join Margaux inside. The interview was just less than 20 minutes. The guidance counsellor went out after to hand me a paper and said that results of the interview will be released a week after.

I was so "praning" and worried about it. I wonder if there's someone failing on the interview? I asked Margaux's yaya what happened inside. She said that Margaux was asked few questions but didn't answer. Yay! Well, she is really like that. She doesn't want to talk to someone she doesn't know. Medyo diesel kasi ang anak kong yun. But once she gets used to the environment, she's definitely fine already like with her current school, she's very happy and comfortable with her classmates and teachers already.

I immediately called up Dicky about it. I was so damn worried and up until now, I'm anxious until wednesday for the result. What if they don't accept Margaux? It will be not be a trauma for my daughter but it is going to be MY TRAUMA.

I would definitely protest! How could they not accept my daughter? What would be their basis, because she didn't talk during the interview? Isn't the reason why I'm going to enroll her in that school is for her to overcome her shyness and that her personality be developed?

Hay, I'm hoping for a good result on wednesday!

Mommy woes!


Jane said...

hay naku jody, i know the feeeling! when sophia had her assessment test at rosemont, naku, ako ninenerbyos hahaha. i was allowed inside though so nakita ko how sophia answered the whoel time! hahaha proud proud proud. baligtagd kase kdis natin, makapal mukha ng anak ko eh hahaha.

pero feeling ko, wala naman bagsak dyan. i doubt it. symepre other kids are really not comfortable talking to strangers diba? dont worry, pasok yan noh!

Jody said...

Hay naku jane, sobrang praning na ako. I have been thinking about it a lot. yeah, margaux is really shy at first lalo na at strangers so dapat lang i-accept nila my daughter ano.

abie said...

naku sis, na-imagine ko sarili ko, If I'm in your shoes, praning na din cguro ako...hehehe

pero don't worry...tingin ko naman, hindi lang dapat yun ang basis nila...

balitaan mo kami ha,

Jody said...

Hi Abie! Tomorrow na ang result. kakapraning! I'm hoping for the best. Dicky said he will be the one to get na lang the result kasi daw baka pag-ako eh di tinanggap si Margaux eh mag-eskandalo ako dun! hahaha. Pero malamang nga!