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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bible Online...

Way back when we were still in a Catholic Community, I have always been a Bible reader. I have to admit that I have not been religiously reading recently. But I still turn to the bible especially for any concerns in life. I always believe especially in most decision-making we would have to do, it is still good to read the bible cause you will definitely find an answer from there. I also would love to receive those bible verses from emails. I envy the patience of those who have the time and effort to evangelize people. In one of the emails I received, a friend introduced me to an
Online Bible. This is such a great resource for reading scriptures with the medium of internet. Well, that's how technology goes, that you can even read bible online. Admittedly, it is a such bright idea. Imagine reading a daily scripture that can inspire you for the rest of the day? It is indeed a brilliant concept. The site is also a good resource especially for those handling bible study groups cause it can give insights and tools in how to manage in discussing the selected verse. And my favorite christian songs are also posted there complete with lyrics. I'm definitely adding the site to my favorites.