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Monday, March 31, 2008

High School Life

Got this tag from Arlene.

THINK BACK TO 4th year high school… Let’s see how much you remember and how much you regret..

What section were you? Section 1

Who were your seatmates? I honestly can't remember na. Hahaha. Parang walang permanent seat kasi eh.

Still remember your English teacher?Yes, Mr. De Guzman, our class adviser

What was your first class? History

Made friends to the lower years? Yes, but few lang. (elite ka na pag 4th year eh).

How was your class schedule? 7:30am to 4:15pm

Made any enemies? I can't remember, hehehe. Wala naman siguro.

Who was your favorite teacher? Our adviser, Mr. De Guzman

What sport did you play? None. I'm not sporty eh. Mga plays and dance classes ang sinalihan ko! (and beauty contest, lol!)

Were you a party animal? Yep, yep yep!

Were you well known in your school? Hmm, I would say yes. Always been part of school programs.

SKIP CLASSES? No, super higpit. You can't really go out when you enter school.

Did you get suspended/expelled? Never.

Can you sing the alma mater?I think I can still recall.

What was your favorite subject? History and Physics.

Did you go to the dances? yes.

Where did you go most often during breaks? Foyer area.

What did you do on the last day of school? party!

I'm tagging now Jane, Thea and Peachy.


Thea said...

Thanks Jody.
boring high school life ko.
but my sister disagrees, colorful daw. LOL

Irmee said...

Hi Jody. I love this tag so I'm going to snag it...Thanks..oh thanks for dropping by my blogsite.

Len said...

ey ms. beauty queen, thanks for answering the tag :)

Jody said...

Hi Irmee! Go snag it.

Hello arlene! Yay, totoong sumali ako sa mga united nations chuva! hahaha