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Friday, March 21, 2008

Margaux's Moving Up Day

It was Margaux's Moving Up Day last March 15. We were proud parents who were very happy because she performed well for the dance number they had in the tune of "Listen to the Water."

And I almost cried while watching her and also after listening to their perfomance of "Through the Years." The teachers prepared also a slideshow of the "kids at school" pictures with their individual video messages. Margaux said "I love you mommy and daddy!" in the video. I cried. Then she handed me a stem of rose afterwards.

Here are some pictures. (I can't post the video, tsk, tsk...internet connection issue!)


Len said...

sis nakaka touch naman ung pagbibigay ng rose ni margaux... that was just so sweet! i think that is the joy of being a mother :)

Jody said...

Hi Arlene! Very true, call me OA pero talagang naiyak ako!

Len said...

di un OA sis :).... i think i would cry(baka humagulgol pa ko)too if my baby would do that.. sarap ng me baby :)