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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kids Birthday Galore....

We received a number of Kids Birthday Invitations last month so we were attending birthday parties left and right. Of course, the kids enjoyed it a lot and so as me as well. They've got lots of loots and prizes from the parties we attended. All the parties do have specific themes which actually was reflected on the kids birthday party invitations.

I love kids birthdays and since my SIL is pregnant at this time, I am already overly excited for their new baby first birthday invitations. In fact, I am even willing to sponsor it for them since I practically know that I should just order it from Unique and exclusive designs of birthday invitations are available only at CardsPersonalized. I would like to order from them since I can even add a photo of the celebrant in the card. I also have the option to change the colors or some of the borders or designs I may have chosen. I'm sure my SIL would love that if I would take on the responsibility for that.


Anonymous said...

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