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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Where was I?

I have been out of touch for weeks now! Yes, been in hiatus with blogging. I lost a number of paid opportunities. I think there were about 5-7 opps that expired on me. I know, I's not good with page ranking but I have bigger concerns to work around.

Events poured last December and the first week of January. Stress-level was high. I was sleep deprived and physically exhausted. But I can't show it to clients. Still during events, I have all smiles in the world even if I have been thinking if it was all worth it...days that I was out and away from my family. Don't get me wrong, love my job, really love it! As you know, December-January are the months when wedding suppliers don't rest. It's our busiest months. I should just consider this as happy concern/problem. I have to admit, "ang yaman" ko after this month! Bwahahaha! (*wink, *wink). But again, it's not about money. (ahem, ahem). It is how passionate about what I do, how I want to give good service to all our clients.

The first seven days of January were the busiest. We were only free January 1 and 2. Meaning our events started January 3 till 7. That was straight of 5 days! It was my first time to do it. But was glad to survived it! We capped all the weddings in flying colors and I was so proud of it. I'm so proud of my team members. I love all of them. They all did great jobs.

Yesterday, January 8 when I was about to go back online, pathetic it may seem but had problems with my internet connection. After waiting the whole day for PLDT dsl to fix it, was finally able to connect just last night before going out again for another meeting. All my internet files were deleted as the technical of PLDT asked me to delete all my files and cookies. So that explaines also why I don't have an update to my other blog (my own domain). I forgot the url to wp admin panel. Thanks to Jane for giving it to me last night.

And so I thought, I can again go online this morning, when my laptop hibernated already. Lo and behold, after plugging in the power cable, it was not charging! Grrrr! I can't determine if it was the power cable or the battery is the problem.

Now, I'm having it fixed here in Laptop service in eastwood while writing this blog in an internet cafe! Oh, I really hope that they would get to fix the problem. Can't live another day without my laptop:-(

I still cannot update also my other blog cause after knowing the url of the admin panel, I totally forgot now my username and password! How pathetic! Cause it was just saved in my laptop already and I can't seem to remember. Blame it to my two shots of epidural. Gotta wait for the email of Amore so I could recover my username and password.

If my laptop won't get fixed, SOMEONE could be telling me to just relax, sleep all day tomorrow and stop worrying! In order words, stop working first and have a time for myself and my family. Let's see if that would happen...


macy said...

i hope your laptop gets fixed soon.

julliefer said...

hi jody! weebee to blogosphere. :) grabe, medyo tagal mo nga naghibernate. hehehe. oh and i also hope your laptop gets fixed soon. hirap kaya ng walang computer. tc. and hope to hear more from you soon. ;)

abie said...

Hi Jody,

Mukha nga super busy at every time I checked your blog, walang updates. Welcome back!!

Hope your laptop gest fixed soon.

tc sis.