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Friday, January 11, 2008

Backtrack: Intercon Hotel (December 31, 2007)

We checked in at Hotel Intercon last December 31 and we celebrated the new year's eve there. Upon checking-in, we headed out to the swimming pool. Even cold, Margaux loves the water. Makes me think as when could be the best time for me to enrol her to swimming lessons. She tries hard to kick her legs while floating. I guess she's braver than me with regards to water. I learned to swim when I was an adult already. Would you believe, I had my swimming lessons when I was almost 22 years old? (hahaha, pathetic ano?!)

But Bianca was freezing cold when we tried to dip her into the water.

Here's our family picture in the pool...
And the little girl just wants to relax...
We just had dinner at Modern China?/Asia? in Glorietta. Can't remember cause we were rushing to find a place to dine that night cause Glorietta was closing early. I think it was the only restaurant that was open that time. Afterwhich, we heard Mass in the lobby of Intercon. Good thing that they had that special new year's eve mass. It was a different experience for us cause we didn't celebrate it at home. But it was fun. We enjoyed it and it was hassle and stress-free, at least for me in preparing food during that time. But we managed to also bring in a bottle of wine, with bread and ham. (hehehe). Tipid no?! We also brought a buco salad that my mom did. O diba, may baon pang dessert?

We went down in Ayala Avenue to watch the grand fireworks display near Peninsula Manila. We had to wake up Margaux in time for midnight so we can all go down. Apparently, we didn't let Bianca join us anymore downstairs cause I didn't want her to be exposed to so much smoke as she has very sensitive skin.
Here are some more of our pictures...