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Friday, April 10, 2009

Selecta Ice Cream Gold Series

have you tried it? It's superb and I highly recommend it. Yummy, yummy chocolate truffle. It would be a good alternative for haagen-dazs ice cream, (since we always can't buy it coz it's too expensive). The price is affordable. Mind you, it's always out of stock in groceries.

I'm enjoying my cup now!


angelaze said...

Grabe! Napaicecream tuloy ako hehehe.

Mich said...

this is also our favorite! yummy! i love the strawberry though. have you tried the belgian bliss of nestle? haaay, heavenly for me :D especially this summer!


I still prefer the Belgian Bliss of Nestle Heaven Ice Cream. It's real chocolate with creamy ice cream. Not too sweet unlike those of Selecta na ang tatamis! I love ice cream but ever heard of diabetes.