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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm cooking up something. My feet is itching...hehehe. So what else could i be planning? A yearly quick get-away for me and the husband. I'm planning for another out of the country this year.   I hope this would push through as our super-delayed post celebrations for our wedding anniversary on Monday, May 4 and our bdays by June.  So would probably go on a July, just like last year when we went to Singapore.  This is different from the HongKong trip with the kids this October.  

We have miles expiring by September from our Mabuhay Miles memberships and also a complimentary accommodation to any two asian destinations which needs to be used up also by August from our timesharing membership. So I have an excuse to travel! Yipee! Its such a great deal since we have free accommodation and would just have to get one round-trip travel ticket since the miles expiring can cover one more ticket. I really really hope the husband would agree since I'm firming up things today so will present it to him later. Would just need to decide which of the two destinations are we taking.  

Thanks to PAL real deal promo and to an able customer service officer whom I called over the phone, I was able to get flight confirmations to both and also allowed me to even pay it in their office until tomorrow.  

Will post next time as to where exactly we are going once tickets and vouchers are with me already!


Mickee said...

Belated happy anniversary Jody and Dicky!

abie said...

belated happy anniversary!!

uy saan kayo punta?...go na, lalo na may free accommodation at ticket na...