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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Remembering High School Graduation Announcements...

Got a beautiful invitation for our High School reunion next month. Oh, I remember our High School Graduation Announcements as well when one of our teachers threw us a party. She gave out a special graduation party invitations to our families. I am still keeping few pieces of that high school graduation invitations since there are so many memories about it.  High School life was truly fun. I miss my high school friends so I am definitely attending.

Those invitations were ordered from GraduationCardsShoppe. The site,, offers all different kinds of graduation cards including college graduation announcements. They are known to print and ship your orders the same day that you place your approval for the layout. They also allow modification to whether in color, font style or any designs you may choose from. Now, I can't wait to see my friends from High School again!