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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The picture above was lifted from reuters. It was in Ortigas Avenue Extension right after the floodway bridge. No one was spared from the neck-deep flooding in the area. The east of metro manila was badly hit. Our families are victims of this grueling experience. Its like you would have to run for your life for the immediate rise of water on the roads. Most of the vehicles were submerged in water. Most of the roads are non-passable so the commuters and even those with their own cars have no choice but to bravely walk on flooded areas. And on those areas without flood, vehicles are not moving at all because of extremely heavy traffic. So even if you are riding those beach bikes like what you used to have when you were a kid, you won't be able to pass. Rain was pouring like there's no tomorrow!  It was scary! In fact, I still can't imagine how I managed to cross Marcos Hi-way in bare feet (slippers untangled) in a chest-deep water with current.  I was like swimming in coffee with cream (read: brown color) water!  Arg!  Nevertheless, I was just glad to be home with my family!