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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back from HK...

since last night but I am still wishing we are still there!!!! yep, 4 days was really not enough. I feel like it has passed so quickly. The kids had a blast. But I was so tired tending to the two girls (parang mga boys!  hehehe).  Thanks for the very helpful and responsible husband. I tried to quickly move around Harbour City for like 1.5 hrs only while I left the kids with him in our room in Marco Polo Gateway. I was hoping I could still go to Ikea in Causeway bay as I would like to see if they do have those tables in Toronto like the tulip oval table which I want to put in our lawn but didn't really got the chance to go there anymore.  Shopping was not really a priority for this trip anyway but I was able to sneak in some purchases still.  Well, mostly for the kids.  I barely got something for myself but I managed to bring home one atleast.  Still downloading our pictures and need to find time now to post our vacation story.  Tons of work is also waiting on my desk! Yes, after being gone for just 4 days!!!  Arg, this is what I hate after coming from a vacation, getting back yourself to the groove again.  Wish me luck tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Welcome back Jody! Buti pa sa HK sunny, dito it's raining :)

Your daughters really had a great time on HK Disneyland. Saw the pics on your other blog :)

Mich said...

wow inggit ako! sana makayanan kona din out of the country trip with the two girls! galing nyo ni Dicky!