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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Margaux's Wishlist

So for the upcoming MBAP's advance christmas party in two weeks time, need to post already the wishlists of my little girls. Will start off with my first-born:

Margaux's Wishlist (these are all according to her ok)

1. Barbie doll (with some accesoories please!). Not her first actually but she would just love to receive another doll. Besides, she really loves to play with the house sets of Barbie I got for her last christmas.
2. Ice cream Clay Playset
3. A dog toy in a cage. I don't know if this would be within the budget but if not, never mind, hehehe. She saw this from a little girl in the mall once time. Its a playtoy dog with a cage that you can bring around with you.

Next up, Bianca's wishlist...


Mich said...

natutuwa ako magbasa ng mga wish lists. :)