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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Margaux's First Day in School (part 2)

As promised, here's the little girl in her uniform...

Dicky woke her up at 6am while I was already in the kitchen preparing her "baon." She immediately got up, took breakfast and off to take a bath. It was a breeze that morning. I just hope this would last! Hahaha. I mean, getting up easily in the morning, eating breakfast and taking a bath. She sometimes have a tendency not to do what is told! But yesterday was easy as 1-2-3! I was practically very, very happy mom!

More of her pictures...

My gosh, we are officially parents of a preschooler! I was almost in tears! Where did all the years go? OA ba? Hahaha.

We hit the road at 705am and ofcourse, what do you expect, Dicky and I have to be both present in sending her in school. While in the car, I was telling Margaux how much she would enjoy school. I was telling her to make friends, ask the name of the teacher, eat her snacks, etc...(hahaha, ang dami kong bilin!)  

Then I asked her if she was excited. She said she was and even said this "Mommy and Daddy also excited to go with me in school!" Bwahaha, super natawa kami ni Dicky dito. Na-obvious na nya na kami ang excited actually!

There was a bit of slow traffic hitting Katipunan flyover but it was fast already right after Ateneo Gate 3. We went straight to gate 1 of Miriam College, of course, we already got our cars the school stickers so we don't have to line up that morning. Good thing, because it was a long cue during that time.

We parked right away, and of course, flicking of the camera still continued....

Then we headed already to the gate of her building, the Angel Gabriel Hall. A number of parents were there as well. Margaux got excited more to see other students walking towards the hall. Well, the gate of their hall looks like Oscars corded lane since there were lots of flickings of flashes of digital cameras and roving of video cameras of the parents. We were like paparazzis there. Dicky and I were one of them.

Parents were not allowed to go inside the hall. Parents were all proud to see their sons and daughters enter so independently to their building. As if we wanted to shout, Yahoo! to every little one coming inside. And we were all cheering and waving our goodbyes to our kids. The scene was just so funny!

Here are Margaux's pics going inside the hall:

It was a relief to see her join the teacher aid without hesitation. She was welcomed by her Teacher Joyce by the door.

But after a while I realized, she never even looked back to us! Waaah! Big Girl na talaga!

It will be a shortened period for them for the next two weeks. She will only come to school 3 times a week and they would have an early dismissal.

Dicky and I decided to have breakfast together in Jollibee right outside the school. Dicky was supposed to go to the office already but decided to wait till Margaux's dismissal time so we can fetch her together.

We went back to MC 15 minutes before their dismissal period. There were a flock of parents again in the gate. When the students started to come out the building, it was the same scene again just like that morning, a lot of camera clicks and video streamings again!

Margaux was like dancing and singing while going out the building. I learned from her that singing and dancing was their last activity before going out. May LSS (last song syndrome) yung anak ko! I immediately handed the dismissal card to the guard.

It's like ages that we haven't seen her when I greeted her in the gate!

Ah, parenthood! And I'm loving it!


Vina P said...

hi jody! your daughter looks so cute esp. in her uniform. and she looks so excited too!

btw, your hair is lovely!

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angelaze said...

wow! sabi ko sayo mas excited kayo.Halata ni Margaux. Hahaha.

Jane said...

grabe noh, big girls na talaga mga kiddos. same time pla gumising si margaux and sophia now, 6am. tuloy aga din tayo magising haha

malditang bunso said...

hahahah. ang cute ng kwento. At in fairness, may taga kuha kayo ng picture. dapat si father dicky may picture din.

Jody said...

Girls, thanks for reading the kwento. Watch out for 2nd day in school! Nakakatawa! Hehehe

Ozzy's Mom said...

Jody, ang cute ng Uniform, Pink!!! ehehehe

Jody said...

Thanks Vannie!

Peachy said...

OMG! inggit ako! baka maiyak din ako pag pre schooler na c joaqui. I cant wait! cute ni margaux in uniform

Jody said...

Naku Peachy, kakaibang level when you see your child enter na in big school! basta, labas na labas pagka-mommy mo! hehehe

ADMIN said...

jody bigla ko tuloy naalala MC days ko LOL! MC grad kasi ako at tuwang tuwa ako sa mga preschooler kasi may yearly play sila sa auditorium namin nakakatuwa ang uniform nila. oo ganyan tlaaga pati socks may mc logo pati nga P.E. shoes namin hay those were the days.

i wonder ano reaction ko when my son's time comes, sa september na! lapit na/

cute ni margaux!

em/somethingpurple using my working blog account hee

abie said...

sis ang cute ni mukhang enjoy sya sa school...

grabe na excite ao tuloy for Bela...sigurado ganyan din kami ni howell, kasing excited nyo ni dicky...hehehe