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Thursday, June 05, 2008

With my co-parents...

Celebrated my bday with my co-parents from the previous school of Margaux. It was our get together as well in the place of AA as we won't all be together anymore this coming school year. Most of us moved to big schools, but others still stayed. It was nice to meet them again. I hope this won't be the last even if our kids are not classmates anymore. We have built our friendships already.

AA with Allie who recently gave birth, me and Margaux, Nile, Myra. There were two other moms who weren't in the picture.

And AA gave this beautiful cake for me. Ofcouse its beautiful cause it has my face on it!

And I also made some money this afternoon, had a mini-garage of my old clothes and from the kids, few bags that are not used already. Wow, I made about 2K all in-all! Nabawi ko ang pinanglibre sa kanila! Hahaha!


angelaze said...

bilis magblog ah