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Monday, August 20, 2007

On Party Planning...

I'm on high gear in preparation for Bianca's 1st Bday party happening on November 3. There are still so many things to do but I hope I can get by soon. With only 11 weeks to go, I have to get going in booking suppliers, finalizing invites, shopping for prizes, etc.

And speaking of shopping prizes, we survived Divisoria yesterday. Yes, amidst the rains in the morning and worries of getting stranded because of flood in Manila, Dicky and I were able to manage. Yes, you also read it right. I was with Dicky. The very "reklamador" Dicky. He swore that he won't go back to Divisoria anymore after our first trip when we were preparing for Margaux's bday. Because we came there during christmas season so you can imagine the flock of people. That's why he was so mad at me to bring him there that time. But due to my persistence, he agreed to accompany me yesterday.

We arrived there before 1030am. And we finished shopping at 3pm. Dicky said it wasnt bad at all. Goodness gracious, buti naman, di nagreklamo ngayon at di na uwi sa away ang pagpunta namin dun. Hehehe.

But I still felt that we still lack some more prizes. I have gone to the toy shops also in the malls so was able to buy a number of things already. I'm doing an inventory now so I would know if its still worth it to go back there or just purchase everything in the mall.

I just want the best for the party and I have to live up to the expectations of the guests who came to Margaux's bday party when she was a year old. To reminisce, view Margaux's bday kwento and pictures.


Apols said...

Im sure Biancas party will be as fun as Margaux baka nga more pa! Ikaw pa ultimate party planner for your babys bday.

Meron din pala party shops sa market market galing din ata sila sa divi =P im not sure kung malaki ang patong nila than divi pero siguro not much of a difference since kung i -add mo the gas and traffic papunta sa divi diba hehehe.

baligtad tayo samin ni junn ako ang pinaka reklamador hahaha lalo na pag madaming tao never talaga ako nagpupunta sa ganun :D


Peachy said...

good luck on ur party planning jody.. for sure it will be a blast just like margaux's 1st party. :)

Jane said...

wow party planning. kakamiss mag-plan ng party. goodluck to you. im sure it'll a success, again! :)

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

Hi Jody! Good thing naman ok yung Divi trip nyo. You know what? Kami ni M0rn1ng muntik nang di magkatuluyan just because of Divi. hahaha!

Kelly said...

Ganyan din si Gats, pero wala naman yang magawa pag niyaya ko na :)

Paul and Toni said...

hi jody! na-pressure ako! hehe! nakapag divi trip ka na sa nov pa party ni bianca. si lance next month na bday di pa ko nakakapunta divi. hehe! good luck sa party planning for bianca's bday. i'm sure it will be a blast! :)