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Friday, August 10, 2007

Weird Things About Me!...

Thanks Kelly for the tag!

I'm not sure if these are all weird but here's my take on the subject...

1. I eat everything that is fried with ketchup! (Del Monte Original Blend that is)

2. I cannot sleep without a blanket, even if it is summertime. I want to feel warm when sleeping.

3. I hoard tissue paper like crazy! It is something that I don't miss in my grocery list. I buy those in boxes, those in rolls, even paper towels.

4. And since I hoard tissue paper, I hate it when our comfort rooms are not refilled with tissue paper.

6. I love to go to the groceries. I spent almost 3 hours shopping. It's my theraphy.

7. I love shopping alone and I shop like crazy! I love the idea of carrying a number of bags getting out of the mall.

8. I love hoarding! I also hoard bags. I have about 37 bags right now. Yes, I just counted it. And Dicky hates me for collecting bags. He feels it's a waste of money.

9. I have been buying scrapbooking materials up to now but I haven't even finished even one album! Hay, I hope I can really get myself to do my kid's albums.

10. I surf like crazy in search engines for travel destinations! Just surfing but not really booking! Hehehe. I hope I can really convice Dicky for another getaway before the year ends. Hope our schedules will permit that as well.

Now, I'm tagging Jacqui, Melisse and Mickee.


M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

wow that's a lot of bags!