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Monday, April 17, 2006

Margaux's 1st Bday Kwento and Suppliers

Margaux’s 1st Bday Party Kwento and Suppliers

I really wanted to start early with Margaux’s 1st Bday party preparation. Besides from the fact that I’m an event planner, I wanted her 1st bday to be something special since we have waited for more than 2 years for her to come into our lives. And so we wanted to give her the best of everything.

We booked the venue july 2005 after her baptism party last June. We wanted to secure first the place since it’s popular also for other events. We got Valle Verde 6 Clubhouse which for us is ideal because of its location (near our place) and its room capacity (good for 300plus).

Initially, I wanted to have around the world travel adventure with different countries as highlights of the decors and we will even associate the food to the countries. But I still want to have a character theme to unify everything. I introduced Margaux to Barney, allowing her to watch dvds everyday. I noticed her interest in Barney so we proceeded with Barney as our character theme for her 1st bday. I also realized that Barney is a true hit with kids.

Can’t figure out which countries to include. I kept changing my mind. I consulted with Tisha of Balay Kandila cause they will be the one to do all my decors. She pointed out that the kids might not enjoy the countries cause they are not so familiar with it. I asked them what props do they have and they gave us an idea. We decided to shift the theme from around the world to an adventure travel with Barney.

Balay Kandila created 4 adventure areas. Citylife (New york, with statue of liberty and skyscrapers), Under the Sea, Forest (with Shrek) and a Magical Kingdom (pumpkin carousel). With these ideas, I got excited. I explained to Angelette of Jelly Bellies the theme and she got excited also. She recommended to me to get game booths to give highlights to the 4 adventure areas and ensure that kids can go around and play the area.

I went to Divisoria 3times just to buy all the prizes and lootbags. Divisoria Mall is still the best place to go for all of these. Dun pa rin ang pinakamura and pinakamarami. During the course of my shopping, I realized na hindi masyadong marami ang Barney items, unlike the other character items so it also became a challenge for me when buying. So everytime makakita ako ng barney items, pinapakyaw ko na for sure.

It was almost 8 months of preparation but there were lapses in between kasi nga pabago-bago ako ng theme. January of this year when I realized na I don’t have much time so I made sure to accomplish something every week.

On the morning of the bday party, April 2, Dicky and I went to the venue together with all the props, prizes and lootbags. Dalawang balik kami kasi hindi kasya sa isang hakot. When we arrived there at 930am, Josiah’s Catering, Balay Kandila and Wylma Vittali (balloon decors) were already there setting up. Dicky and I really got excited when we saw things being put up together.

The rest of the kwento will be on the supplier’s kwento below:

Invitation – Adworks (688-0085) I have always been a “suki” of Adworks ever since. We got from them the “mnm chocolate covers” for our souvenirs for guests who visited me in the hospital when I gave birth. For the baptism, di ko sila nakuha for invites cause we got pressed for time but then I promised to myself na sila talaga ang gagawa ng invites for the 1st bday of Margaux. When Mye of Adworks showed me a bigger size of invites, I initially liked it. I explained to her the theme and asked for sample designs from her. After a week, she sent me the designs. I loved it! Wala na akong pinabago, as in ang galing cause nakuha nila agad yung gusto ko. I have to change the wordings lang cause I want something personalized. It took me and Dicky about 3 days to finalize the wordings…hay, that causes the delay cause Mye was waiting for it na. Eventually, the invites were released to us 3 weeks before the party. Here’s the wordings we created:

Happy times are fun to share
In the land of make-believes.

The journey begins from a city of lights
To playing together in a forest or under the sea
Then discover a magical kingdom
Where you will be crowned king and queen.

Come and experience this adventure travel as Margarita Frances celebrates
Her 1st bday on April 2, 2006 at 3:30pm in Valle Verde 6 Clubhouse

Decors/Event Styling (BK Arts and Crafts aka Balay Kandila-4149392;4163691). When we were initially discussing the theme, I already got the impression that everything that I want is possible with this group. Lahat kaya nilang gawin. Tisha and Ronald made a magnificent work in the venue. It became a real adventure area. When Angelette of Jelly Bellies arrived, she commented…”It’s magical, your decors are super ganda”. As I mentioned above, they created 4 different adventure areas. A lot of our guests had picture taken in the different areas. I just gave them also the tarpaulin as the backdrop which I don’t know how to hang. They made means to put it at the back of the stage. Wala akong masabi to their work. Tisha and Ronald were there the whole time as well supervising all the setup. They even put a red carpet in the middle of the venue…basta, I so love their work. Hats off to Ronald and Tisha!

Balloon Decors – (Wylma Vittali -8962642; 09178424938) Wylma is my colleague from the business. She is also an event planner who happens to do balloon decors as well. I got her cause she also did the balloon centerpieces during the baptism of Margaux. It was easy dealing with her, puro text messages lang ang instructions ko and everything was carried out. I wanted a fiesta time, banderitas balloon decors. I want to do away with the clustered balloons. Wylma just used the clustered flower design balloons in the entrance, which was fine with me. I also turned over to her Barney stuff toys to put together with the balloon centerpieces. Pinagkaguluhan ito, umpisa pa lang ng party, may kanya kanya nang may-ari ng centerpieces. She also gave me a good rate and I really like her work.

Party Organizer - Jelly Bellies; Angelette-09178398858) I learned about them through n@w. Then I saw their work at Sam’s party (jacqui’s daughter) and I was sure to get them na. I was initially talking to Elly but she turned me over to Angelette since for meeting, Angelette is nearer my place. I only had 1 meeting with her. Everything is through phone call and I was happy with their output. She suggested me to get game booths to highlight my adventure areas. These are the list of items we got from them – Wanlu, Game Booths (ring toss, golf, fishing game) Specialty Food carts (Buy the Bucket, Fiorgelatto Ice Cream, Potato Corner and Krispy Krepe), 2-layer bday cake. Everyone is saying na yummie ang Krispy Krepe. Too bad, di ko man lang natikman. Angelette also left an event manager, si Karla who was very helpful. She knows what she’s doing kahit na medyo bata pa sya. She was coordinating with my coordinators assigned there as well. She was the one who told me pa na kasya my lootbags cause I was worried baka magkulang cause I only have 100pcs, binawasan ko pa ng 1 for Margaux.

87 kids registered! Almost 250 adults arrived! Buti na lang nagkasya ang lootbags ko. In my list kasi I have 120 kids and di na abot if I’ll order pa additional bags. Karla was very helpful during the distribution of lootbags. I prepared lootbags (backpacks and bag tags for kids); lootbags for yayas. For adults, the souvenirs are the photo magnets, I also prepared lootbags for those who attended but without kids, either single or married na walang batang kasama. Walang umuwing luhaan. Bumaha ng prizes. My coordinators just turned over to Karla all the prized and lootbags and she was the one who took care of all of those. After the party, she accounted things and turned over yung mga sobrang prizes and lootbags back to my coordinators.

For the cake, Angelette was honest to tell me na kulang yung cookie lollipops and hindi umabot for the party. I actually did not notice it na but she deducted it from our contract. The food carts were all hit for the guests, as in pinipilahan silang lahat. Ang bilis nga lang naubos cause all was just for 100 servings.

Wanlu was so good. Ang galing nya talaga, a hit talaga with all the kids and adults. He knows how to carry the party. Since I prepared prizes also for kids 2 years old and below, he made sure to prepare a game for them as well. Pati sa mga mommies and daddies, may games din. A lot of people commented how good the host magician was. We made the right choice to get him, kahit medyo mahal. Siya talaga ang nagdala ng party.

The Game booths were ok also. Daming kids nagplay. I prepared all the prizes for the game booths. Kids liked the giant pencils from the fishing game. I also like the golf, bagay na bagay sa area ni Shrek.

Catering and Choco Fountain– (Josiah’s Catering-9425738,9417032) Wala pa kaming venue, we already know who will be our caterer so we have to look for a venue na puede silang mag-cater. Since I’m in wedding industry business, I know who to tap for catering. The food is superb. Dami nagsabi sarap ng food. They gave us their bestsellers: Mongolian Barbeque, Lengua, Chicken Yakitori, Grilled Blue Marlin, Baked Spaghetti, Leche Flan and Buco Pandan. I was worried na baka magkulang cause under talaga ang guaranteed namin sa dumating so meaning nag-overflow kami. I was surprised na nakapaguwi pa kami ng food. So hindi nagkulang and food. They prepared even more than what we guaranteed. Ang syempre, dali kausap. I requested for Sorrento chairs for all adults and kids. I was happy cause they even put ribbon bows to the chairs, akala ko wala na. The choco fountain was ofcourse a usual hit to parties. I ordered dark chocolate cause yun ang favorite ko.

Photo/Video – (John Aguas-09209537827) I was happy with John. Ganda ng camera nya so kahit saan mo ipadevelop ang pics, ganda ng kuha. I got the cds after 5 days. I had to tell him to take pics of all details cause I’m very particular. Meron lang syang di natake na pics, yung under the sea backdrop, but I’m ok na rin with that. Dami nyang kuha with kids having fun. Ang daming shots as in, mga 1000+ ata sya. His video is ok na rin kahit na hindi na i-edit cause he put menus already, dvd na kasi.

Bag Tags/Photo Magnets (Konsepto-Meme Natores-09178510228) When Meme introduced their products in n@w, I contacted her right away and told her that I’m really getting the bag tags from them since the bday theme is traveling so bagay talaga ang bag tags. Pinareserve ko na agad ang date sa kanya. The bag tag was a hit to the kids as well as to the mommies. Pati mommies were thanking me about it cause ganda daw and tamang tama sa pasukan, may lalagay na sila sa school bags ng anak nila. Bag tags nila Konsepto is cheaper than the one in the malls. Then I liked also the design they did. I didn’t put any details about Margaux’s party there so the kids can really use it. It has name of the kid at the back and picture in front.

For the photo magnets, I got it for souvenirs for the adults. Dami ring natuwa dito. I would know cause 177 ang total output. I only confirmed 100pcs so we exceeded. Some of the guests really waited for it. Daming nagdoble actually but I really don’t mind, the guests loved it.

Guestbook, Tarpaulin design and printing, welcome banner, photo mosaic, digital album – Melisse Baylosis-09279948157) She did a great job for it. She was able to keep up with all my pangungulit and pabago-bagong theme. A lot said good words about the guestbook. It was really nice. It was organized per month. It will surely be good keep for Margaux and for her to read it when she grows up. My coordinators took care of routing it so puno talaga all pages. The tarpaulin, welcome banner and photo mosaic were all great. Ang bilis din gumawa ni Melisse. Suki ako ng husband nya cause ang dami kong pini-pick up sa office nito sa Globe. Kakatuwa pa cause yung husband pala ni Melisse eh schoolmate ng brother ko nung college, nun lang sila ulit nagkita…small world!

Projector and Screen with DVD Player – (Web Devices-Velvet San Diego-09178434803). I just called them 2 weeks before the party. Dali rin kausap. Dinala na lang nila yung equipment on the day of the function and they were early. We showed barney dvds while the guests are coming in. Ok sya kasi barney songs din andun so yung iba nanonood sa big screen. The technician was courteous and very reasonable their rates, she gave me 2000lumens so malinaw sya.

AVP – (Threelogy-4344428) At first, wala na dapat AVP but I really felt na parang kulang so I contacted them. I was very glad they accepted my request even short period na lang, 2 weeks actually. I wanted them to use fast song for the avp since nung binyag ni Margaux eh emotional ang avp. So this time, I want it happy since it’s first bday. I only gave them the pictures more than a week and they were able to do it. I was very happy with the output. We showed it while guests are eating. Kitang-kita sa video that guests were really watching it.

Face Painter – (Ryan-09192406276). Thanks to Apple for referring him to me. Peso Power, winner! P1500 only! Walang limit kahit gaano kadami ang kids. I’m supposed to get the glimmer tattoo from Jelly Bellies but when I learned about his rates, I have to cancel, hehehe, nagkuripot ano? But super ok kasi from start to finish, walang tigil ang face painting nya. Text lang kami and I just have to fax to him the map. Walang downpayment, on the day of the event na ang bayad. Have to give him tip na lang cause feeling ko nasulit sya sa party naming dahil sandamak-mak ang kids. We positioned him sa may magical kingdom area which was very ideal. Pati adults, nagpa-face paint.

Backpack supplier –( Sheila-09175774892) Thanks again to Apple for referring me to this supplier. We went to Sheila in 168 mall in our Divi trip ni Apple. I liked their bags, it’s not the usual backpack you see in Divi cause they manufactured it themselves. Ok ang material, matibay. Price wise was also ok. Di nalalayo sa mga ready made backpacks in Divi. The only set-back was naabutan ako ng problem nila sa 168mall. Initially, Sheila called me to tell me na hindi na raw nila magagawa yung bags cause may kaso sila sa Disney dahil bawal cause of licensing. I had to convince her na di Disney character si Barney. Eventually, pumayag syang i-print provided na I increase the quantity from 75pcs to 100 pcs so I agreed since mukhang abot naman dun ang kids ko. Then after more a week, she was supposed to deliver it na to me when the raid in 168 happened. Nadelay nang nadelay yung pagdeliver sa akin, she had to cancel twice our meeting and super kinakabahan na ako nun. I was telling Apple na ganito pala ang feeling ng bride na binibitin ng designer! Ganun ang feeling ko. The backpack was an important part of my party pero 1 week na lang, wala pa sa akin. But I was very happy when I got it. Maganda naman gawa nila so ok na rin. Atleast nabigay nya sa akin a week before so hataw kami sa house ng pag-sort. I also got from her pala 10pcs of couches (barney design) which we raffled off during the party.

Anyway, here are the pictures from the party….

Overall, our family enjoyed this party. Worth it lahat ng pagod ang gastos after a lot of friends and family said it was a blast and they really enjoyed it. They were even thanking us for inviting them.

Nakakatuwa din sa dami ng gifts! About 97 gifts! Dinaig ang wedding namin. Dicky was very happy and congratulated me for a job well done. I really did most of the planning and preparations and taga-bayad lang siya but I have to make a abonos na rin on the side since ang dami kong elements na gusto.

Sabi ko with my friends before the party, sa 7th bday na ang kasunod nito. But seems like we will have another party next year….2nd bday party of Margaux again and the baptism of our 2nd baby! And another 1st bday on November 2007. Yes, you read it right! We are 7weeks pregnant for our 2nd baby. Di pa naming alam nung party, just last Wednesday lang. So if you will notice in the pics, ang taba ko! Hehehe, found an excuse for myself. We were very happy for this God’s blessing. Napabilis ng husto. Atleast nakalibre kami from clomid and other medications just to get pregnant for the 2nd one. We are hoping for a boy this time.


Cynch said...


i just finished reading your blog on margaux's bday, haven't checked the photos yet but have to comment right away and congratulate you on your second baby coming soon!

god has been good to you and dicky. may god watch over your growing family...

ok.. now i have to go look at the photos.

Leah said...

Hi Jody!

Congratulations on your second pregnancy! :D

Ang ganda naman ng birthday party ni Margaux! What do you expect, events planner ang mommy eh. :) Job well done.

Best regards from Joseph and me.