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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'll be missing a friend...

I will truly be missing a very dear friend...

Just came from a merienda coffee date that ended up until after dinner with my dear friend Tina. Tina and I met in Weddings@work when we were preparing for our own weddings about 6 years ago. We became friends even after that and our friendship even grew better. She became my alter ego for wedding coordination, heading my 2nd team. She in fact did more weddings than me last December 2006. I really appreciate all her help to me with the business. She did a great job especially during those times that I gave birth to my 2nd daugther Bianca.

But furthermore, she is indeed a very good friend. We call each other "sister" but now "mare" because she is one of Bianca's godmothers. I can talk to her anything under the sun, not just about the business, but my everyday life. She's the kind of friend that you can pull whenever you need someone to talk to about your dissapointments, your wishes, your feelings and emotions or just to hang around with you. I get to share to her everything about the kids and even though she wasn't blessed with one yet, she always has some good words to say to me after.

She is leaving already for New York very soon. I truly respect her decision and I'm behind her for it. When she got off my car a while ago, tears fell on my cheeks. And as of this writing, can't help but cry. I am a bit sad that she is leaving. I will miss my friend. I will truly miss her.

"Mare, I pray that the Lord may keep a close watch over you always. It will
definitely not the last time we will see each other. May not be here in Manila
anymore, hehehe. We will visit you in New York hopefully. Take care of yourself

Look at her picture above, isn't she pretty there? She's so reliable talaga cause I just convinced her out that time to become my model when I was training to become a make-up artist! Talking about being a friend who's always there for you.


frapr said...

hi jody! wow! i am trully surprised to know about this, and indeed, i second your notion on tina. she is indeed a person one will be missing. looks like di na kami magkita sa pinas! sa NY kaya? hehehe.. take care and God bless you, too! please send my regards to Tina. :)

Anonymous said...

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M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

it's inspiring to read about good friendships. :)