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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What's Up?

I miss blogging for a couple of weeks. Wow, whatever happened to me saying that blogging can be addicting? Yes, it is still true but just caught up with a lot of work that was not able to get myslef to sit down and write everything. Anyway, enough of my excuses.

So what's up?

1. Margaux's yaya left for " vacation only" supposedly last August 24. She promised to go back mid September. Malinaw na usupan. But after a week, she called Bianca's yaya that she is no longer coming back. Grrr! I knew it was coming but I was still hoping for the best. I didn't purposely looked for a replacement before she left cause I was really counting that she will go back. Syempre pa naiba na ang ihip ng hangin pag-uwi sa province. Now, I'm on a look out for a yaya.

2. I have been asking around even to the yayas, mommies in the school of Margaux. And I have prospects which I will know by today.

3. Yes, you read it right. Margaux goes to school already. And it's everyday from 9am-1115am in Child's Space. It is just about 10 minutes away from our house. She started just last Sept3. I finally give in to bring her to school already. At first, I felt she might be too young for early school but realizing the curriculum or the activities set by the school, I believe her time won't go to waste. She's learning new things everyday. And I'm so proud my daughter is so independent.

4. With the above, my mornings are occupied. I'm the designated driver. I bring her to school everyday and pick her up as well. I enjoy it so much. She rides behavely in her carseat. Our trip to school and going back home is our "moment together." That's our bonding time. We just talk in the car and I'm so amazed that she talks like an adult when talking to me. Like, ",mommy, margaux will go to school now and eat snacks!" Hahaha, favorite ng anak ko ang snack time! Nangunguna parati sa table.

5. I have not been going to the gym for 3 weeks now! It's bad and I feel so bloated. I have meetings almost every afternoon till evenings so I don't get to access time for the gym. I know, it's not an excuse.Hope I can atleast go twice this week. I'm going to try later.

6. I got a new camera...a toy camera. I have a lomo camera already. I got inspired by Jason Magbanua. Dude, thanks for the films. Yes, it uses films. Para daw ito sa mga nagmi-mid life crises! Hehehe. I will share more about this lomography next time.

7. Checked last week a dreamhouse. Dicky and I love it. I even dreamed about it. We're on crossroads on deciding on this one. We wanted to get our own house already and we can. But we have to consider also our other plans for the family.

8. I've got to get moving for Bianca's bday party planning. I'm due to have her dress made next week. Still proofing the invites. I'm not yet done buying prizes. No food selection yet from the caterer. Well, I'm a crammer for my own family celebrations.

9. I was so busy the last two weeks. So many things to do. I was stressed. So I rewarded myself by buying a new bag! It's my consolation. When Dicky saw it, sabi nya, "bag na naman?" Yes, I now have 33 pieces! It's my addiction!

10. I'm blogging here in an internet cafe nearby Margaux's school. I have to get going now cause she'll be dismissed soon.