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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Margaux's First Week in School

Just like to share what's written in Margaux's Journal written by her Teacher Cecilia. It is so good to note these milestones. I shall keep her a diary.

Margaux's first week in school was filled with a lot of activities. A new theme on water was introduced, expriments and projects were accomplished and she attended a birthday party at the last day.

She was generally very eager to try many things. She explored different areas and several activities in each area. At the Art Center, she played with dough, painted with paintbrushes and made artwork using medicine droppers. At the Manipulative Table, a frequented activity was the small colored plastic bottles and colored beads. Filling and dumping, typical characteristics of toddlers, has allowed her to practice many areas of development such as wrist control, eye-hand coordination, etc. At the
Block Area, she also discovered the vacuum cleaner, shovels and colored Duplo blocks. Using her shovel, she even started her own activity which Enzo followed of separating the blocks by "slicing" them.

She has shown that she is independent and confident. She knows what she likes and does not like. At present, as she is still getting to know her physical and social environment, thus there are still instances when she needs a more familiar face with her, such as her Mom; however, she has also shown that she can handle many things on her own.

Generally, the class has welcomed the theme on water very well. We will be having more experiments and other hands-on activities the next couple of weeks.