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Thursday, May 15, 2008

To Reno

Few years back, contracted the service of a car rental company for an SUV, which we used when we travelled for a 5-long hour drive to Las Vegas. I could remember that it was Advantage Rental Company, which is the largest and one of the major car rental companies in the US. Now that we are travelling again, we would looking again for an option to rent a car this time from Sanfo to Reno. Since we are meeting few friends in San Francisco and would only be staying for few days, we would definitely stay in downtown so it would be easier for us to go around. Our concern this time would be our travel to Reno. So I have searched again their site and was a great find to know that Advantage is now committed in providing 100% fuel efficient vehicles by end of 2010. It is such a good move of the company to protect the environment and it is such an advantage for them to be considered again.