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Friday, May 02, 2008

A rebate...

I have been a loyal Globe Handyphone user for several years now and I have not availed of any of their loyalty promos eversince until yesterday.  I called up to inquire for any free phone as loyalty promo.  The customer service representative I talked to on the phone said that they don't offer it anymore instead they do provide rebates instead.  So she checked on my records and told me after few seconds that I'm qualified for a rebate!

I was giddy happy to learn that I can get Php 1,386.72 as rebate each month in my billing for 24 months starting June of this year!  WWWOOOWWW!  That's a lot of savings to me!  Multiply, multiply that is Php 33,281.28!!!  That's even better for a free phone since the value depreciates!  

I'll recover cost of my new bag in 24 months!

Ah, such a blessing!  Thank God!

Those globe subscribers, do check out this promo.  They are actually not advertising it but you can just call 211 to inquire.  Hope you can get rebates too!


theworkingmom said...

Thank you for this, Jody! This will mean savings! :)


juliet said...

hi jody,

i am on rebates too. i also posted about this in my blog before. i have naman 1,416.67 for rebates and super tipid talaga. i don't pay anything and minsan sobra pa so credit ulit the next month. i'm actually on my 10th month on the rebate na.

Jean Marie said...

wow really? hay, im a globe user na for almost 6 years. kaya lang plan 1,200 lang me. hehehe. if they'll give me a rebate such as yours, edi ang saya ko. parang free na ang monthly fee ko. hehehe.

Pam said...

kakatuwa talaga :) me was already got my rebate 2 times na for 2 years each :)