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Monday, May 12, 2008

Clearwaters, Clarkfield Pampanga

Dicky and his team had the yearly family outing last friday-saturday in Clearwaters, Clarkfield Pampanga.  We hit the road at 620am to be in Shell NLEX at 730am calltime.  We arrived almost at the same time with family of Jacqui boarding their new Toyota Fortuner.  We had breakfast in Jollibee.  All the rest of the families came after:  Colleen and her son Kevin, Ruth and hubby Joel with their two boys, Beng and Roan with Nica, then the two single men for that weekend, TJ and Jun.  The last family to arrive as always is Oye and Wendy with their two kids.  

At 830am, we all drove directly to Clarkfield.  It was good that Jacqui arranged for an early check-in.  It was a quick trip as we were in Clearwaters before 10am.  The rooms were available to us at 1030am so while waiting for it, we allowed the kids to have fun in the pool first.  They were accompanied by the yayas.

We were then able to go to our rooms at almost 1130am.  We had few picture-taking outside our room.  

We had to settle back in the rooms as we had a  birthday party to attend to at 1pm.  Ruth's son celebrated his 6th birthday in Mcdonalds inside Clarkfield.  It was just arranged that day.  The kids had fun for the party as they were few to scramble upon the prizes.  

The whole group...

It was raining hard after the party so we weren't able to leave Mcdonald's right away.  Most of us, except some of the kids headed to Parkson Duty Free.  Bought few items!  Hehehe, I don't think it was few as I spent almost Php2K the first day and went back again the following day to buy more of the Vaseline Cream Type Petroleum Jelly.  It is Bianca's lotion for her atopic dermatitis so I had to hoard as we have been asking friends and family to buy it for us in the States.  I think I got about 15pcs.  That's enough to last until December, in time for our US trip. (hehehe).

When we went back to Clearwaters, we headed already to our new room.  There was a problem in the first room that was assigned to us.  It always come in three:  first the flush wasn't working, second, power failure and last, it flooded because of the heavy downpour of rain.  They gave us the VIP Deluxe room which was near the pool area.  That's why the kids were able to swim again that afternoon.  We joined them that time.

The whole group decided to have a late dinner in SM City Clark.  We had a heavy dinner in Flavours of China as most of us were craving for Chinese Food.  Jacqui ordered a lot and we went home with a lot of take-home viands.  The kids had a great time running around the mall, infront of the restaurant as it was closing time already.  We allowed them to have a blast since we really want them to tire themselves so we can already start our red-dog (card game) session.   Imagine, we had to move some kids to another room so we can just play este gamble!  Hehehe.  

Too bad, we didn't win this time.  Stake were as high as Php5K but we lost almost Php2.4K.  :-(  It wasn't our lucky night.  We ended up the booze and the game at 230am!

As it was, expect that we would not be able to wake up early.  I checked from our window if the other families were there by 730am as what Jacqui told us, but at 8am, the pool was still empty.  I decided to get up at 830am and I was suprised to see from our door, flanks of buses arriving in Clearwater!  There were about 3 companies having day tours!  We immediately called the group to prepare so we can all go swimming before these people jumped into the pool!  We had breakfast in the Bistro and then headed back to the pool.

It was a fun-filled family outing!  We look forward to next year!


angelaze said...

Jody! this is a very nice place. Kailangan ba maging member before you can go here?

Jody said...

You dnt need to be a member in order to book rooms. Yung officemate ni Dicky ang nag-arrange eh.