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Thursday, May 15, 2008


we will be checking in Manila Pen as an additional wedding anniversary celebration. We got married in that hotel so imagine how much i was affected when Trillanes chose to lodge his massive appeals there! Hay, I'm super pissed with him. But the hotel has not lost its grandeur. It's still for me the best. I'm biased ok.  We do stay here every year.  And this year, we are staying till Sunday!  Sayang ang vouchers!  Yahoo!  I bet it would be swimming again for the kids.  I just hope the sun will rise already by tomorrow. 


CHE-CHE said...

Wow, manila Pen! Sarap ng buffet nila don. Sama if naman pwede. hehehe. Anyway, have a great weekend and I'm sure mag-eenjoy ang mga bata. Sana nga umaraw na. Take care! =D