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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

He wants to buy...

Yes, I know there is really something with the husband recently. He is haunted by his wish to buy a new vehicle. How would I know? He sends me everyday pictures of SUVs he has been browsing online. Those second hand SUVs that he finds worth looking at. I also caught him over the weekend talking to a seller. And last night, he admitted to me that while in our bank, he also asked for a quote for a car loan! He was telling me that it won't be a cut to the budget especially if we would just sell the other vehicle to get a new one! Ok, so he wants to buy a new vehicle really. I just told him to make sure to buy one that won't be a pain in terms of finding its auto parts, especially if he's considering getting just a second hand. He said checking out Great Auto Parts site would be a big help since they have a complete catalog.  But I am still not giving in to this option of buying another vehicle.  And if ever I would, I would prefer a brand new.  (wink!)