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Friday, January 20, 2006

Our Margaux...updates!

Time flies so seems like yesterday when I was still very much pregnant with Margaux last January 2005. And now, she's almost 10months old! learning how to walk, have 2 cute little teeth and been babbling a lot of syllables already.

I have a backlog in posting her latest pictures...I hope I can do it soon...

With my busy schedule with my upcoming events, I still try to squeeze in some preparations for her upcoming 1st bday party!

Here are some updates:

1. Booked and finalized the venue-Valle Verde 6 Clubhouse

2. Finalized the Theme - Adventure Travel -->(don't want to spill a lot of beans!...suprise!)

3. Booked and finalized menu with the Caterer - Josiah's Catering

4. Booked the magician/host - Wanlu c/o Jelly Bellies

5. Met with invitation supplier, starting to conceptualize on design - Adworks

6. Booked a bag tag supplier - Konsepto -->(downpayment na lang ang kulang!)

Still more to go for to do's:

a. Schedule meeting with Jelly Bellies to finalize items we are getting from them.

b. Meet with Mimi (Bumblebee and Co) for the dress/costume of Margaux on her bday.

c. Finalize and give downpayment for photo-video

d. Bring Margaux for pictorial in Child's Play so pictures can be used for all paraphernalia.

e. Finalize design with Melisse for the tarpaulin; send to Melisse pictures for the photo mosaic.

f. Finalize design setup of venue with event stylist-BK Arts and Crafts

g. Finish buying prizes, lootbags, etc.

Am I missing out on anything?...Hmmm, let's see, just need to work on the above items before mid-February!

Need I say more?...I'm so OC!


Emi said...

i thought Barney theme ni margaux? hehehe!

i really commend your organizing skills! do you do kiddie parties coordination na rin? ;)

let me know ha! :D